K-Pop Playlist: Songs That You Can Listen To On Rainy Days

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Raining outside but cannot find a good playlist? This “rainy day playlist” might suit you just fine.

Rainy Playlist

Photo Credit: CUBE Entertainment

Imagine looking out the window alone and it is raining. In days like this, there is a strong urge to just stay home and do practically nothing. But there are times too when that is not the case.

Be it going on a drive through the rain or simply just staying at home, here’s a list of K-Pop music – that’s either associated with rain or suitable for your rainy days!

1. “You, Clouds, Rain” – Heize (feat. Shin Yong Jae)

2. “Sudden Shower” – Yong Jun Hyung (feat. 10cm)

3. “To Do List” – Hyolyn

4. “You Were Beautiful” – DAY6

5. “Breathe” – Lee Hi

6. “Hold Me” – Eric Nam

7. “Rain” – Taeyeon

8. “I’ll Be There” – G.Soul

9. “My Love” – Urban Zakapa

10. “Missing You” – BTOB


Stay tuned for more of our K-pop music playlists!

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