Why K-Pop Is Still So Popular Today

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After more than a decade, K-Pop continues to rise today. Have you ever wondered why?

Due to the spread of the internet, different music from different countries of the world is becoming famous all over the world. One such music, which has become famous all over the world, is the k-pop music. No one has expected a smaller country like South Korea to make such a drastic impact on the world music scene.

However, it is not only making that impact but the global influence continues to grow day by day. There are quite a few reasons for this popularity as we ponder upon it:

1. Color Play

When you look at the South Korean costumes as well as the colors which are used in the music videos, you can be sure that they are unique. They are not just using any other colorful background but they are actually playing with the colors. In many videos, you can also find extensively black as well as the white. The way in which these are used is certainly distinct. One of most colorful K-Pop music videos will be GOT7‘s “Just Right”.

2. Storytelling

If you look into almost all Korean and K-Pop music lyrics and music videos, one would realize that it is using a method which we often call as storytelling. Here’s why, instead of just the music, the listeners would be able to discover a story that arouse interest. Sniff Grab some tissue for 2AM‘s “I Did Wrong”:

3. Unique Personality

K-Pop stars are often popular for their unique personalities. This personality is also evident in the songs which they release. In addition to the music, you would actually be able to observe such influence of each individual’s personality easily. For instance, B.A.P strongly stood out against other boy groups with a fierce image when it debuted with “Warrior”, showcasing the boys’ own unique personalities.

4. Fashion Trends

Trends of fashion are evidently visible in K-Pop music videos. In fact, the trends used are aligned with the fashion industry, as compared to some of the others which we see. Also, since the trends are constantly changing, these are also reflected on the clothings as well as the designs used in the songs. This would eventually result in gathering a huge following from the audiences all over the world. One of the best examples has to be G-Dragon from BIGBANG.

So, if you are wondering why K-Pop is still so popular all over the world, these serve as some starter points for you to get into the thinking cap. What are other reasons that you could think of?

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