10 Of The Coolest Hyungs And Unnies In K-Pop

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Make way for 10 of K-Pop’s coolest hyungs and unnies who radiate talent, charm, and love for their group members and craft!

The leader is the alpha of the pack, the maknae is the youngest of the batch, the visual is the face of the group, the main vocalist is the nightingale, and the hyungs and unnies stand as the remarkable big brothers and big sisters of the group.

Image from Starship, Big Hit and RBW

With talent and charm of intergalactic magnitudes, these 10 K-Pop stars are the oldest members of their respective groups. We know, with everyone in the world of Korean entertainment looking so young and radiant all the time, it’s extremely challenging to guess who the oldest and youngest members are, but we’ll give it a shot!

With countless boybands and girl groups filled with phenomenal hyungs and unnies, it would take a million days to enumerate them all! So, for now, we’re focusing on ten of the most extraordinary ones. Amplify the sound on your cheers and crank up the spotlight, because these guys and girls are 10 of the coolest hyungs and unnies in the K-Pop industry of the 21st Century!

1. Solar of MAMAMOO

Solar Spit It Out

Image from RBW

What do you get when you combine a fierce attitude with charismatic charm and a dash of quirkiness? Well, you get Solar of MAMAMOO, of course! Born in 1991, this K-Pop star is the perfect alpha unnie for the group of empowered females who know how to shake up the music scene.

2. Jin of BTS

Image from Big Hit Entertainment

If being cool is a crime, then Jin of BTS should be illegal. Born in the year 1992, this global superstar and Billboard number 1 artist has catalyzed a reset on the word “cool”. With a surplus of hilarious dad jokes and an abundance of talent, Jin is the new definition of the word. His evident love for his co-members is the main factor that shows how exceedingly well he does his job as the mat hyung. While Jungkook has gained a sparkling reputation as the Golden Maknae, we mustn’t forget to give Jin the nickname of Golden Mat Hyung (we know, worldwide handsome says it all, but still!). Also, he doesn’t look a day over 18! What is your secret, Kim Seok Jin?

3. MJ of Astro

astro mj

Image from Fantagio

As the main vocalist and oldest member of Astro, Kim Myung Jun shines like a diamond. His fashionable style picks and angelic voice are something we would want to look at and listen to all day, every day! Wave your lightsticks, AROHA!

4. Jisoo of BLACKPINK

Image from YG Entertainment

Lovely, graceful, and elegant; that’s Jisoo of BLACKPINK! Her classic beauty makes her visuals stand out in a sea of pretty faces. With the girls of BLACKPINK all looking fresh and fabulous, it’s quite difficult to judge who the oldest and youngest are. Keep that glow, Jisoo!

5. Serim CRAVITY


Image from Starship Entertainment

CRAVITY really turned up the volume with their debut single, “Break All the Rules”. Their lyrics conveyed an empowering message of breaking free from toxic social norms and bringing a positive revolution. Their mat hyung, Serim was born in 1999 and rules with his fiery leadership skills, talent, and visual power. Definitely looking forward to more magic from this amazing group!

6. Shownu of Monsta X

monsta x shownu

Starship Entertainment

This 92-liner is the leader, main dancer, and mat hyung of the exceptionally electrifying K-Pop group known as Monsta X. Bringing the fire with every performance, Shownu constantly shows his otherworldly talent and leadership skills. It’s a fact: Monsta X is pure gold!

7. Irene of Red Velvet

Image from SM Entertainment

This 1991 baby is the oldest yet one of the youngest looking members of Red Velvet. Her striking beauty and dulcet voice make her perfectly cut out to be an idol. Known for their sophisticated class, this quintet is simply bursting with elegance and vocal prowess.

8. S. Coups of SEVENTEEN

Image from Pledis Entertainment

1995 was the year that S. Coups was born and started to develop his stupendous charisma. As the leader and rapper of the ensemble of 13 top-notch idols, this pop star has mastered the art of demanding attention from millions of fans with his stirring talent. This gorgeous and skilled man definitely deserves to be the captain of the team. Whatcha think, Carats?

9. Bangchan of Stray Kids


Photo: JYP Entertainment

Hello to the leader, main producer, lead vocalist, lead dancer, and sub rapper of Stray Kids! With his alpha skills and striking visuals, This mat hyung radiates effortless cool factor that skyrockets through the roof. It’s undeniable that this 97-liner can dance and sing his way into fans’ hearts any day! Truly a king of music!

10. Yeonjun of TXT

Yeonjun TXT

Image from Big Hit Entertainment

19-year-old Yeonjun is the oldest member of one of the most popular rookie groups in the music industry. Being a master of dance and rap, this handsome young man never stops developing his craft as 1/5 of TXT. MOA, you ready for their comeback?

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