These Korean Celebrities’ Fathers Help Explain Why Their Sons And Daughters Are So Good-looking

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Good genes do run in the family tree, especially for these Korean stars.

As Hallyu continues to extend its popularity outside of Korea, many Korean celebrities, including Song Seung Hun, Lee Jong Suk, JYJ’s Jaejoong and I.O.I’s Jeon Somi are constantly praised for their typical attractive appearances. These people stand out the most whenever they appear in the public or attend events. With some being in K-pop idol groups, they are often described as the visual of that particular group. Because of these, fans are usually left wondering how these celebrities’ dads look like.

Here’s the list of some celebrities’ super duper dashing fathers (we know we’re missing out many more) which may enlighten on why their sons and daughters always captivate crowds in the Korean entertainment industry.

1. Song Seung Hun

With the picture below, many netizens always leave comments that Song Seung Hun’s father is actually more handsome than him. It is also often commented how his father somehow resembles another popular actor Hyun Bin.


2. Jang Dong Gun

Jang Dong Gun inherits his father’s big round eyes, straight nose and perfect lips. Besides, the actor’s mom also looks beautiful with her elegant oval face.


3. JYJ’s Jaejoong

The facial features of Jaejoong’s father look shockingly different from other Korean men in the same generation. Despite being a Korean, he actually seems to be a man from the western world.


4. Lee Jong Suk

If Lee Jong Suk’s father is now as young as his son, he would probably be scouted immediately by talent agencies for his undeniable handsome look. But wait, the father and son really look alike, aren’t they?


5. Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi’s father is a Dutch-Canadian man. He attracted much attention ever since taking the supporting role in mega-hit TV series Descendants of the Sun. As a mixed race daughter, Somi naturally has the beautiful combination of genes with her alluring appearance.



The father of Produce 101’s champion also knows a wide range of martial arts, especially Taekwondo. However, later on, he decided to change his profession and worked as a model.


6. TWICE’s Sana

Despite having the similar features as a Korean girl, Sana is inherently a Japanese. Her father’s photos used to be a hot topic on the online communities. Indeed, it has to be.



The below photo explains the reason why T.O.P is considered as BIGBANG’s visual. The rapper bears striking resemblance to his father, while he also inherits the sharp facial features from his mom, especially when viewed from the side angle.


So, who would you choose as your dream father-in-law?

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