8 Korean Child Actors Who Have Transformed To Top K-Drama Stars

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Dedication to withstand the test of time came in early for former popular South Korean child actors. Nevertheless, the fruits of their labor are evidently enjoyed these days.

Having filming sets as their known playgrounds and being flexible to adjust in the set conditions while shooting as a child are feats which only disciplined and passionate performers can achieve.

South Korean child actors

Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Yoo Jung, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun are some of the child artists who grew up right before the audience’ eyes, winning us with genius portrayals that have improved overtime to stable perfection. The uphill battle that they individually sustained provided them much-needed opportunities for breakthroughs to become today’s shining star models.

Let’s dig back at the current small and big screen reliable performers who have emerged from their humble and memorable beginnings as child actors.

1. Yoo Seung Ho

South Korean child actors

As the first generation epitome of successful transition from youth to adult acting, the skilled actor has warped from being grandmother’s well-loved city boy from 2002’s heartwarming film, The Way Home. He has solidified his presence as a bankable leading man leaving astounding roles both in television and film.

Notable works: I’m not a Robot, Ruler, Remember, I Miss You, Magician, Operation Proposal, Queen Seondeok, Hearty Paws

2. Kim Yoo Jung

South Korean child actors

When Kim Yoo Jung delighted TV fans with Park Bo Gum in period drama Love in the Moonlight, viewers have begun accepting that the pretty little girl who practically became the younger version of historical famous drama and film heroines was no longer a baby. Since inking her first leading lady stint, she has moved to carry on with future ventures, particularly Clean with Passion for Now which is coming up this year.

Notable works: Angry Mom, Love Cells 1&2, Secret Door, Golden Rainbow, May Queen, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Dong Yi, Iljimae

3. Kim So Hyun

South Korean child actors

Sharing the same fate as the rest of the artists in this list – who have extensive drama experiences under her belt but the variety of genres she covered – had fueled her now-evident flexibility as a lead actress. From her breakthrough lead role in Who Are You School 2015, she did not look back and scored three more main roles, with the last being romantic comedy Radio Romance this year.

Notable Works: Ruler Master of the Mask, The Last Princess, Let’s Fight Ghost, I Miss You, The Girl Who Sees Smell, Rooftop Prince, Reset, The Strange Housekeeper, I Hear Your Voice

4. Yeo Jin Goo

South Korean child actors

The first two actresses mentioned above grew up together with Yeo Jin Goo in the filming sets of projects they worked with. From being nation’s little brother, he has evolved to stunning visuals and emotional convictions on his roles in Circle and Reunited Worlds. He soon will meet his followers as South Korea’s Absolute Boyfriend.

Notable Works: Jackpot, Orange Marmalade, Potato Star, I Miss You, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, Tree with Deep Roots, Hwayi, Sad Movie

5. Kim Sae Ron

South Korean child actors

Bagging awards from her critically acclaimed starting films, A Brand New Life and The Man from Nowhere, Kim Sae Ron extended her craft to the small screen, seamlessly parading commendable role immersions in her recent works in Snowy Road and Mirror of the Witch.

Notable works: A Girl at My Door, Manhole, Fashion King, The Queen’s Classroom, High School Love On, To Be Continued, Glamorous Temptation

6. Kim Hyang Gi

South Korean child actors

Doted by her senior actors, Kim Hyang Gi is still in her teens, but has so far established well-praised portrayals on her portfolio. She has worked with most of the Korean stars in this list, and is set to appear in the sequel of the highest grossing 2017 film Along with the Gods this August.

Notable works: Snowy Road, Revenge Note, Werewolf Boy, Grand Heist, Wedding Dress, The Queen’s Classroom, Hearty Paws


The above list predominantly features actresses who have created a niche for themselves. Joining them soon are two handsome actors – who are causing mental woes for showrunners that would soon be having problems casting younger versions of male leads.

7. Nam Da Reum

South Korean child actors

The dapper teen actor became mini versions of Yoo Ah In, Lee Jong Suk, and Im Shi Wan to name a few, and has since generated strong following from K-drama lovers.

Notable works: Come and Hug Me, Radio Romance, While You Were Sleeping, The King Loves, Six Flying Dragons

8. Yoon Chan Young

South Korean child actors

Another future k-drama oppa to look forward to is Yoon Chan Young, who is set to appear in upcoming fantasy rom-com Thirty But Seventeen.

Notable works: The King Loves, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, Blow Breeze, Six Flying Dragons, Hwajung, When a Man Loves

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