5 New Korean Dramas In February 2018, Featuring Kang Ji Hwan, Kim Jung Hyun, Kwon Sang Woo & More!

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We have stories that highlight the different colors of relationship and romance, perfect for the love month!

February 2018 Korean dramas are ready to set you on a ride, with notable love stories and artistic narratives all month long. A few dramas are set to conclude this month, but the present K-drama lineup is as engaging as ever to watch.

Popular seasoned actors banner the coming K-dramas so we can expect an exciting race ahead. Based on the diversity of stories pitted at one another, viewers’ preferences might decide which dramas will trend or not.

Here’s the list of February 2018 K-dramas that we can anticipate:

1. Misty

February 2018 Korean Dramas Misty

Celebrated TV actors Ji Jin Hee and Kim Nam Joo are set to play a married couple, whose marriage is on a brink of fading. Their commitment will be put on trial after the wife got embroiled in a murder case. Her lawyer husband joins the legal team to defend her as they rediscover their love to each other.

Misty will be Kim Nam Joo‘s comeback TV project after a five-year hiatus since top-rating weekender You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Ji Jin Hee is posed to shift to melo-thriller drama from his last rom-com stint in Second to Last Love. They will be working with PD Mo, who worked on intuitive dramas Beautiful Mind and Sirius.

Misty is set to commence its thrilling ride on February 2 at JTBC.

2. Eulachacha Waikiki

Eulachacha Waikiki

Upcoming youth drama Eulachacha Waikiki is intent to open jTBC’s new year, with a bang by combining three adorable actors and a feel-good plot.

Kim Jung Hyun aka our school boy crush will play film-director wannabe Kang Dong Gu, who has sponge-like ability to attract unfortunate events that has been hindering his dream. Son Seung Won, whom we loved as Park Eun Bin’s quasi-boyfriend in Age of Youth franchise, joins the trio brotherhood as Bong Doo Shik. He is a calm-mannered freelance writer, who is shaping up to become the brains of the bromance circle.

Lee Yi Kyung (Go Back Couple) will suit up to add the comic punches in the story as the trouble-machine Chun Jun Ki, whose goal is to follow his famous actor father’s footsteps. But life seems not to cooperate with his plan. The unlucky trio is shaping up to brew wacky comedy that I am excited to peek into. I am sensing I would enjoy it the way that I enjoyed The Best Hit last year, so it’s definitely a big YES to mark this breezy story in your calendar.

Eulachacha Waikiki boys will kick off their dreams on jTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama slot beginning February 5.

3. Should We Kiss First

Should We Kiss First

Finding the last ride to romance is the theme for Should We Kiss First. Kam Woo Sung resumes his small screen activity after four years since tearjerker The Spring Day of My Life. He plays the role of a bachelor, like the rest of single people in town, is hoping to meet a woman who he can fall in love with. He meets a flight attendant, who vowed not to fall in love again after losing her daughter. Kim Sun Ah (Woman of Dignity) is up to play the emotionally damaged heroine for the drama, which will be penned by Writer Bae Yoo Mi (I Have a Lover).

I have full faith on the love couple, leading this melodrama, given how they have starred in memorable romantic drama classics, which include Alone in Love, City Hall, Scent of a Woman, and more. The director, who is tasked to orchestrate, scored well-received productions from his career of over 20 years.

Should We Kiss First will find romance again on SBS Monday-Tuesday slot starting February 20.

4. Children of a Lesser God

Children of a lesser god

Home of dark thriller dramas, OCN, casts its first offering for 2018 with a bang! The network’s newest crime drama highlights an unlikely combination of detectives off to unravel cryptic atrocities, which by virtue of K-dramaland rules, involves a suspicious organization.

Children of a Lesser God taps Kang Ji Hwan (Monster) as a textbook police officer, with keen eyes on cases which he is investigating. Kim Ok Bin (The Villainess) joins him as a detective, who has a supernatural ability to feel and see the last moments of crime victims prior to their passing. Sounds eerie and interesting, right? With OCN’s knack for excellently conceived supernatural production, this drama is definitely worth pocketing on your watch list.

Children of a Lesser God kicks off crime-solving journey on February 24.

5. Mystery Queen 2

Queen of Mystery 2

It’s take 2 for ajumma sherlock and prickly detective in Mystery Queen 2. The sequel to last year’s KBS thriller drama picks up from the established premise of crime-solving story. Kwon Sang Woo (Temptation) and Choi Kang Hee (Glamorous Temptation) reprise their roles as weird-but-functioning neighborhood crime-busting duo. Lee Da Hee (Mrs. Cop) and Park Byung Eun (Because This Is My First Life) join the existing cast.

I’m sure that Mystery Queen fans will be all eyes on the premiere, given the bewildering finale episode last season. So this is something to look forward to.

Mystery Queen 2 takes the mid-week spot, which will be vacated by Black Knight beginning February 28.

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