12 New Korean Dramas To Premiere In March 2018 With Jang Geun Suk, Yoon Shi Yoon, Son Ye Jin, IU & More!

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It’s going to be a dozen delightful treats for March 2018 Korean Dramas!

We got a handful of exciting Korean Dramas set to welcome 2018 spring! The lineup mostly treads on love stories in varied colors. A couple of dramas will highlight detective and legal narratives.

A combination of popular and rising actors are also featured for the upcoming stories, so we can’t help but anticipate beautiful love pairings and cast synergy.

The teasers of K-drama characters we are about to meet have been released along with the gist of the upcoming storylines we are off to follow. And yes, we can’t agree more how March 2018 K-Dramas look so promising!

1. Grand Prince (TV Chosun)

The Grand Prince

Billed as a bloody love triangle between brothers who desire the same woman, the main characters journey on the expected political conflicts and power struggles commonly injected in period dramas. Yoon Shi Yoon (The Best Hit) will play the titular role of the grand prince, who is in dispute with his brother as they fall in love with the same woman. Jin Se Yun (Flower in Prison) and Joo Sang Wook (Fantastic) will form the expected harrowing love triangle

Leading the production is PD Kim Jung Min, who has remarkable historical drama hits, The Princess’ Man and Joseon Gunman.

Grand Prince is set to air every Saturday for a back-to-back 20 episodes on TV Chosun starting March 3.

2. My Husband Oh Jak Doo (MBC)

My Husband Oh Jak Doo

My Husband Oh Jak Doo is set to air this March as part of the early plans of MBC to delay drama productions to ensure good results for the station’s scheduled TV presentations.

The story line is shaping up to be another quirky cohabitation rom-com about a TV producer (UEE), who uses a fake husband so that she can avoid usual public criticisms about career women of marriage age but are still single. The husband will be played by Kim Kang Woo, who is the second half of the amazing lead brothers in last year’s sci-fi hit Circle.

MBC stated how the story will appeal to audiences, who want to have a single life even when they are compelled by the society to follow the traditional marriage trend.

My Husband Oh Jak Doo is slated for MBC’s weekend spot on March 3.

March 2018 Korean Dramas My HUsband Oh Jak Doo

3. Good Witch (SBS)

March 2018 Korean Dramas

Actress Lee Da Hae broke her four-year K-drama hibernation to play two sisters of opposing personality. She is up to play a nice and loving housewife in one face, yet a cold and cynical flight attendant in another. The different treatment for the extreme roles that she will be portraying is ready to put the pretty actress on a serious acting skill test.

Good Witch is backed up by writer-PD tandem, with works that include Temptation of Wife, Queen of the Game, and Birth of a Beauty.

Good Witch will be SBS Saturday drama, set to air four consecutive episodes each week starting March 3.

4. That Man Oh Soo (OCN)That Man Oh Soo

CNBLUE lead guitarist Lee Jong Hyun gets the monthly OCN love drama baton from band mate Lee Jung Shin in continuing the channel’s special swift love drama program. He is up to play a modern day cupid, with magical powers which can induce romance to young lovers. That same supernatural power will lead his heart to the optimistic heroine, played by Kim So Eun (Our Gab Soon).

That Man Oh Soo will run 16 episodes starting March 5.

5. Live (TVN)

March 2018 Korean Dramas Live

Live is publicized as a story about police officers, who hide behind their police uniforms. A pool of detectives works diligently in a fictional place day and night to keep the peace and order of the town.

Live will be penned by illustrious sentimentalist writer Noh Hee Kyung, who gifted us with K-drama favorites Padam Padam, That Winter the Wind Blows, It’s Okay That’s Love, and Dear My Friends. Her latest collaboration with director Kim Kyu Tae (Scarlet Heart RyeoIris) whom she has worked with her previous dramas, is something to look forward to as their alliance usually yielded positive results.

Live, starring Lee Kwang Soo and Jung Yoo Mi, is scheduled for March 10 airing over at TVN.

6. The Great Seducer (MBC)

Woo Do Hwan, Joy, The Great Seducer

The temptation boat is off to sail for MBC’s The Great Seducer, headlined by Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy.

The Great Seducer spins the story of a risky love game between young people in their 20’s. It takes the premise of  French novel “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” (Dangerous Liaisons). The novel treads on ex-lovers, who attempt to use seduction to control each other.

Woo Do Hwan (Mad Dog, Save Me) takes the role of Kwon Si Hyun, the 20-year-old Homme Fatale intent to whirl the temptation game with Red Velvet’s Joy (The Liar and His Lover).

The Great Seducer will start airing on the 12th of March.

March 2018 Korean Dramas The Great Seducer

7. Switch: Change the World (SBS)

Jang Geun Suk Vogue Korea

Asia prince Jang Geun Suk wheels up to play a con artist posing as a prosecutor. Robin Hood prosecutor fighting for justice while defying laws and ethics will be a deviation from his previous flower boy projects. So yes, feel free to gush on its exciting premise. wink

Jang will join the legal drama camp at SBS, who has been keen in showcasing hot actors as prosecutors since last year. The actor’s portfolio flaunts classic film and TV favorites, including You’re Beautiful, Love Rain, and You’re my Pet.

Underrated but reliable actress Han Ye Ri of Age of Youth franchise will play the lead girl of the story.

Switch: Change the World replaces Return for SBS midweek drama spectacle beginning March 28.

March 2018 Korean Dramas Switch

8. Let’s Look at the Sunset Holding Hands (MBC)

Let's Look at the Sunset Holding Hands

Han Hye Jin joins the romantic K-Drama ride by portraying a happily married woman, who looks back on the past years of her relationship with her husband. Yoon Sang Hyun takes the role of the husband for the reportedly last love themed story.

Han Hye Jin, who got married in 2013 in real life, has had esteemed leading lady career prior to her awesome hosting stints in talk shows like Healing Camp and Mom’s Diary: My Ugly Duckling. Her celebrated drama projects include iconic historical drama Jumong, period medical drama Jejungwoon, and KBS melodrama Thorn Birds. Yoon Sang Hyun has also been active in K-Dramaland, with Ms. Perfect as his most recent project.

Let’s Look at the Sunset Holding Hands  takes the Wednesday-Thursday spot on MBC.

March 2018 Korean Dramas

9. Shall We Live Together (KBS)

Shall We Live Together

Han Ji Hye (The Legend of the Witch) returns to small screen after three years. She preps up to continue KBS successful weekend family drama streak, playing the role of a doctor and the eldest daughter, who has been diligently taking care of her siblings. The actress pairs up with Lee Sang Woo (20th Century Boy & Girl), who will suit up as a popular surgeon. This will be the second collaboration of resident KBS PD-writer combo, who has worked on drama First Love Again together.

Shall We Live Again takes the weekend slot, which will be vacated by top-rating My Golden Life on March 17.

March 2018 Korean Dramas

10. Rich Family’s Son (MBC)

Rich Family's Son

Kim Ji Hoon (Bad Thief, Good Thief) leads upcoming MBC weekend drama, Rich Family’s Son. The drama draws the story of a son from a wealthy family, who struggles to pay his debts in his goal to redeem his father’s honor. It will also picture marriage conflicts faced by people in their 30’s. Kim Joo Hyun (Unni is Alive) plays the lead girl, who will support the hero of the story.

Resident MBC Producer/Director Choi Chang Wook (The Dearest Lady, Horse Doctor, Pink Lipstick) and writer Kim Jung Soo (Mom, Firstborn, If Tomorrow Comes) are the creative team in-charge of the production. Their combined works flaunt impressive family oriented stories.

Rich Family’s Son is scheduled to air on March 25.

March 2018 Korean Dramas

11. My Mister (tvN)

March 2018 Korean Dramas My Mister

Slated for March 21 broadcast, Lee Ji Eun (IU) is poised to portray a woman of fortitude, who has endured the cruel reality of life. Enter her lead man Lee Sun Kyun (My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week), who is up to play a middle-aged man struggling in making ends meet while living with his bachelor brothers.

My Mister is publicized as a healing drama for the lead couple, who will realize the bright side of life through a sweet connection they are up to share as the narrative unfolds. With a writer-director dream team tandem onboard, K-drama fans should look forward to a slice-of-life feel for this upcoming project.

Writer Park of Another Oh Hae Young is to prove her gift in conceiving a heartfelt screenplay for this new venture. Director Kim Won Suk, who orchestrated Misaeng, Signal and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, to name a few, makes the creative side of this new tvN delight really worth anticipating.

My Mister will take the midweek slot of tvN starting March 21.

12. Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food (JTBC)

Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food

A-list actress Son Ye Jin, who last worked in critically acclaimed historical drama The Last Princess, returns to small screen after five years since thriller-melodrama Shark. Rising actor Jung Hae In (Prison PlaybookWhile You Were Sleeping), who was on a successful drama streak last year, will romance the heroine. Celebrating last real love is the theme of this latest jTBC romantic offering.

Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food will replace Misty for jTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama on March 30.

March 2018 Korean Dramas

Stay tuned for our K-drama recaps, reviews, and updates for these upcoming Korean dramas!

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