9 New Korean Dramas In October 2018 To Watch For Featuring Lee Min Ki, Seo In Guk, Lee Je Hoon & Others

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Viewers will be gifted with a parade of South Korea’s most popular and reliable actors with the lineup of October 2018 Korean dramas in the horizon.

It’s surely overwhelming to start the list for the newest K-dramas to air next month since a lot of anticipated stories will be premiering.

October 2018 Korean dramas cover variety of genres which will result the roster of TV series each week to be exciting. To complement the romantic mood of Autumn, romance themed stories dominate the roster with a few thriller narratives.

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Below is the current lineup with some K-dramas which have also started airing since August but will end next month.

(Note: Daily series not included)

Monday – Tuesday

Lovely Horribly (KBS2)

100 Days My Prince (tvN)

Wednesday – Thursday

The Ghost Detective (KBS2)

Heart Surgeons (SBS)

The Guest (OCN)

Devilish Charm (Dramax/MBN)

Friday – Saturday

The Third Charm (jTBC)

Big Forest (Friday – tvN)

Saturday – Sunday

My Only One (KBS2)

Player (OCN)

Hide and Seek (MBC – Saturday)

Rich Family’s Son (MBC – Sunday)

Now, here are the October 2018 Korean dramas which will join the current weekly program.

1. The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside

Based on a high concept movie of the same title, The Beauty Inside drama will be tweaked to reverse the gender. So it will be the woman who experiences the supernatural fate. Also, the heroine will not change every time she wakes up, there is a trigger for the supernatural phenomenon at a specific time.

Seo Hyun Jin takes the role of a troublemaker top star who changes her face once a month. Now the fun part of the romance is that Lee Min Ki will portray an airline company manager who receives all the blessings from heaven with good looks and excellent intellect – but he suffers a facial recognition disorder.

His medical condition lets him remember the slightest habit of a person, providing an adorable narrative bend to his interaction with the face-changing heroine.

The Beauty Inside will start on October 1 on jTBC.

2. Where Stars Land

Previously, Where Stars Land had some casting road blocks. With Lee Je Hoon onboard the project, K-drama fans can anticipate the reunion project of the writer-PD tandem who created Gu Family Book.

Lee Je Hoon is that one actor who would suit up well for the imaginative and emotional approaches of the writer and director whose works include Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Secret Garden, City Hall and Baker King. He is up to play as an employee of an aviation company’s operational planning team. His dream is to become a pilot, but his poor vision hinders his goal.

Chae Soo Bin is confirmed to play the lead girl, with actor Lee Dong Gun (Sketch) also joining the solid cast roster.  The busy rising actress has been stringing dramas one after the other since last year. Her last role in MBC’s I’m Not a Robot with Yoo Seung Ho generated a strong online fan base due to its adorable romantic comedy twist.

Where Stars Land takes October 1 as its pilot broadcast date on SBS.

3. Bad Papa

Bad Papa

Jang Hyuk takes up another drama in MBC camp after the highly successful Saturday drama Money Flower that ended early this year. He is up to become a bad man in order to become a good father.

Portraying the role of a once best boxer who lost all his money and honor, Jang Hyuk challenges an emotional role of a character who struggles to keep his family affair. Shin Eun Soo (The Legend of the Blue Sea) and Kim Jae Kyung (Life on Mars) join the veteran actor in the upcoming melodrama.

Bad Papa will follow Risky Romance on MBC starting October 1.

4. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

The Smile has left your eyes

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes will be Seo In Guk’s reunion drama with PD Yoo Je Won, who was his director in tvN’s High School King of Savvy that aired almost four years ago.

The original Japanese drama, which aired via Fuji TV with renowned actors Kimura Takuya and Fukatsu Eri, also has solid fan bases in South Korea.

The initial released character sketch of the Korean adaptation for the actor is that he is an impatient man who works in a handmade beer brewery company. Actress Jung So Min confirmed appearance as the main lead. She last worked in 2017 hit rom-com Because This Is My First Life.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is scheduled for broadcast on October 3 via tvN.

5. Room No. 9

Room No. 9

Kim Hee Sun, Kim Young Kwang and Kim Hae Sook confirmed appearances for the weekend drama of cable network tvN.

The series thread on the story of a woman (Kim Hae Sook) who is on a death row sentence for her infamous serial killings. She has given up on life, and just waiting for her death sentence, until fate gives her a chance for a new life as a beautiful and intelligent lawyer, portrayed by Kim Hee Sun (Woman of Dignity). The man behind the switched destinies appears to be propelled by Kim Young Kwang (Lookout).

Backing up the project is director Ji Young Soo, whose works include romantic comedies High-end Crush and Falling for Innocence. Penning the series is Jung Sung Hee, whose projects include The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 and Ja Myung Go.

Room No. 9 takes the Saturday-Sunday slot beginning October 6 following Mr. Sunshine.

6. Ms. Ma, Nemesis

Ms. Ma, Nemesis

Based on the mystery novels of Agatha Christie about fictional character “Miss Marple”, the newest SBS Saturday series narrates the story of a woman in despair to find out the real person who killed her daughter.

It will be Kim Yun Jin’s comeback drama after 20 years in the small screen. The Korean actress is famous as a regular cast member of American series Lost (2004-2010) and Mistresses (2013-2016).

Character actor Jung Woong In (Switch Change The World), Go Sung Hee (Suits) and Choi Kwang Je (The Package) round up the cast of SBS latest mystery melodrama. Penning the series is writer Park Jin Joo whose famous works include Doctor Stranger and The Kingdom of the Winds. Helming the project is PD Min Yun Hong who last worked on OCN’s My First Love.

Ms. Ma, Nemesis kicks off on October 6 on SBS.

7. Matrimonial Chaos

Matrimonial Chaos

Matrimonial Chaos threads on a romantic-comedy note that answers the question: “Is marriage the perfection of love?” It targets a delightful and straightforward depiction of how men and women perceive love, marriage and family relationship differently.

Cha Tae Hyun (The Best Hit), who has been an all-around entertainer swinging variety shows and film projects recently, returns to the small screen to portray the introverted hero of the story. A bit different from his known comical vibe, Cha’s flexibility will be summoned to charm the audience.

World class actress, Bae Doo Na (Stranger, Sense8) will play the role of the wife’s hero. Her optimistic and lively character draws the charming point as to how their opposing personalities will be captured on the screen.

Matrimonial Chaos takes off on October 8.

8. Dae Jang Geum Is Watching (sitcom)

Dae Jang Geum Is Watching

Incorporating romance and food to the situation comedy, Dae Jang Geum Is Watching is set to depict the life of modern day descendants of renowned Joseon era figure, Dae Jang Geum.

It will be a reunion project for Shin Dong Wook and PD Sun, who worked together in acclaimed MBC 2006 production, Soulmate. Shin Dong Wook takes the role of the eldest sibling Han San Hae, with Yu Ri set to portray his love interest Bok Sung Ah.

Successfully transitioning from her idol roots, Girls’ Generation’s Kwon Yu Ri is part of SBS highest-rated courtroom drama Defendant. She also impressed in her roles with film No Breathing and drama Neighborhood Hero.

Dae Jang Geum Is Watching will enamor audiences starting October 11 via MBC.

9. My Healing Love

My Healing Love

So Yoo Jin returns to the small screen after two years since KBS highly rated weekend drama Five Children with a healing family drama promising laughter, tears and empathy.

Yeon Jung Hoon (Bravo My Life) is set to portray the male lead, with rising actor Yoon Jong Hoon (Come and Hug Me) supporting the main cast. More details are set to be revealed in the coming days.

My Healing Love will take four episodes every Sunday beginning October 14 on SBS.

Note: Broadcast dates may vary. Dates reflected are based on the publicized drama details released by the network at the time of writing.

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