9 Korean Dramas To Start In September 2018 With So Ji Sub, Seo Kang Joon, Do Kyung Soo, & Others

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Update your K-drama watch list with new tales from the coming September 2018 Korean Dramas!

We got a bunch of Korean dramas coming up to indulge us this Fall! The last splash of Summer and first traces of Autumn are pouring out new tales set to highlight September 2018 Korean Dramas.

Unlike the previous months, the batch of Korean TV series that will air next month covers a plethora of genre to choose from.

Romance is still a prevailing theme with anticipated small screen comeback from top and trendy actors. Thrillers and melodramas are set to color Fall with fiery and emotional stories.

1. The Ghost Detective

September 2018 Korean Dramas

It is hard to picture how the drama’s initial publicized supernatural premise will work in K-drama crime setting, especially if we are used to the standard framework of detective stories. But the past few years have introduced fantasy fused narrative, and having one with this interesting pretext is hard not to anticipate for.

Choi Daniel is posed for the role of a former army member, who becomes a detective after being accused wrongfully when he became a whistle blower of the corruption happening in the military.

The Ghost Detective is set for September 5 premiere on KBS2 TV!

2. Devilish Charm

Devilish Charm

Choi Jin Hyuk (Tunnel) challenges the role of a doctor who suffers a rare case of temporary loss, Cinderella syndrome after meeting the first woman he shared a fleeting love-at-first. Song Ha Yoon takes the role of a once famous actress whose popularity plummeted because of a murder case involving a top actor.

Devilish Charm airs on Dramax every on Wed-Thurs spot.

3. 100 Days My Prince

September 2018 Korean Dramas

100 Days My Prince is a sageuk drama set in the Joseon era. It revolves around the story of the kingdom’s crown prince, who loses his memory in the aftermath of a failed assassination attempt. He suddenly disappears and only returns to the palace after a hundred days – and the question of what happened within those hundred days arises.

100 Days My Prince will start airing on September 10, taking the place of Let’s Eat 3 on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 PM KST.

4. The Guest

September 2018 Korean Dramas

With talented cast of Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook and Jung Eun Chae bannering the said production, the home of thriller dramas eyes another inventive and gritty project.

The Guest takes the story of a psychic, a priest and a detective, who will work together to solve crimes committed by strange powers happening in the society. The expelling of evil spirits in Korean way is expected to highlight the series.

The Guest will be broadcast at 11:00 pm beginning September 12 on OCN.

5. My Only One

September 2018 Korean Dramas

The baton is passed to veteran actor Choi Soo Jong, idol-turned-actress UEE, and Lee Jang Woo to keep the glorious feat of KBS2 TV’s weekend drama spot with My Only One.

The upcoming family drama will thread on the process of finding stories of hope through the optimistic heroine of the story to be played by UEE, whose life has been twisted because of the return of her father who went missing in the last 28 years. Fresh from his military service Lee Jang Woo (Rosy Lovers) reunites with the screenwriter Kim Sa Kyung of the last work he made before joining the boot camp, who also wrote Blow Breeze and Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming. Helming the production is PD Hong Suk Goo of Girl’s Generation 1979, Perfect Wife and Golden Cross.

My Only One begins on September 15 via KBS2 TV.

6. The Third Charm

The Third Charm

The Third Charm takes the story of a man and a woman who discover love passing through the memories and events they will create with the four seasons of 12 years they spend being together.

Seo Kang Joon will play the role of On Joon Young. His character is someone who always sticks to his routines – which are all deliberately and carefully planned. This stickler makes sure everything in his life goes according to plan – except for his relationship with Lee Young Jae (Esom), his exact opposite, a noisy, spontaneous, and mischievous woman, who gave up going to college at the age of twenty to work as an assistant in a hair salon and meets Joon Young by chance on a blind date.

Director Pyo Min Soo, who helmed K-drama favorites Full House, What Star Did You Come From, The World That They Live In, You’ve Fallen For Me and Producer, will be handling the project so we can expect delightful romantic comedy in the horizon.

The Third Charm takes the spot of My ID is Gangnam Beauty on September 28.

7. Terius Behind Me

Terius Behind Me

It has been two years since So Ji Sub last headlined a TV drama at KBS camp. Little details have been released about the plot and character sketches so far. But he is reported to take the character of a legendary NIS director who lost his wife.

Son Ho Joon affirmed his appearance to play the villain role of an infamous and shameless businessman. He is up to make everything hard for the hero of the story. He last worked in the endearing KBS2 TV’s time-slip romantic comedy Go Back Couple.

The crime thriller is penned by Oh Ji Young, who debuted on MBC’s well-received light rom-com Shopping King Louis. Resident MBC PD Park Sang Hoon (Radiant Office) will lead the drama production.

Terius Behind Me will kick off on September 27 via MBC after Time.

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8. Heart Surgeons

Upcoming SBS medical drama will spin the story of a desperate surgeon caught in compromising situation which involves his mother’s surgery and his responsibility as a medical practitioner.

PD Jo Young Kwang (Hyde, Jekyll, Me) and writer Choi Soo Jin (City Hunter) of 2017’s top-rating drama, Defendant, spurred the courtroom series trend last year. Also premiere actors Go Soo and Eom Ki Joon are set to headline the medical story.

Heart Surgeons will begin on September 27.

9. Player

The Player

A team of hustlers join forces to pull of a grand heist. Song Seung Heon will be making his return to an OCN original drama since Black as a talented con artist who will be leading the team of fraudsters.

Krystal will bring the character of the country’s top driver and the only girl in the elite team of criminals. Backing up the project is the production company that created Black, Witch’s Court and more.

Player will replace the spot of Voice 2 every Saturday and Sunday beginning September 29.

Note: Broadcast dates may vary. Dates reflected are based on the publicized drama details released by the network at the time of writing.

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Last updated: 26 Sept 2018