For Your Korean Rock Band Feels: A Playlist

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If you feel like drowning yourself in some rock songs, here’s some Korean rock band recommendations!

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Sometimes, there are days where you just want to listen to rock bands in full volume. Rock bands do have the power of making listeners addicted to their drum beats and strong vocals. While all of these bands have been categorized under the same umbrella term of Korean rock bands, they all possess qualities that make each one unique.

If today is the day, here is a list of several rock band songs for you!

1. Hyukoh – Wi Ing Wi Ing

Different from the other bands listed here, Hyukoh adopts a rather jazzy vibe that suits various moods. When cheerful, sad, tired – Hyukoh’s music is for you.

2. DAY6 – Congratulations

“Congratulations” talks from the perspective of a male character subsequent to his relationship being on break. When he thinks the relationship is only on a break, she ends up dating another guy. All while he is still enduring the pain.

3. The Rose – Like We Used To

If this is your first try listening to “Like We Used To”, get ready to fall for Woosung’s opening lines.

4. CNBLUE – You’re So Fine

This track describes the singer’s crush in details, from her appearance to personality. When you need a cute track for your day, this one is definitely one to resort to.

5. N.Flying – Hot Potato

If you aspire to be a hot potato, N.Flying is your friend.

6. NELL – Four Times Around The Sun

This song talks about the main character who struggles to move on from his ex-girlfriend, but believes that someday he will get over her. Alternatively, this song can be interpreted as comfort to those in the same boat.



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