5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

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Apart from its quirky rom-com story, ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ gives us endearing life lessons

JTBC‘s 5th year anniversary drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has exceeded expectations in raking consistent high ratings during its run.

Not only did we bask in blissful, heart-fluttering moments, but also received some note-worthy life lessons.

Do Bong-soon

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Lesson 1: Life may not give you what you want but it does not mean you cannot be happy.

Do Bong Soonplayed by Park Bo Young, has lived her life hiding her special power, worrying about her career options, as well as harboring one-sided love with a high school friend. She questioned how everything did not turn out well for her life.

Despite all of it, she remained optimistic, focusing on her dreams of becoming a game developer. She got what she yearned for because she chose to be happy.  Having a cheerful heart will help you lighten life’s load when it seems too heavy to bear.

Lesson 2: Grab a seemingly impossible opportunity because it might change your life, unexpectedly.

do bong soon

For most of her life, Do Bong Soon was a job seeker whilst working to achieve her dream job. Having a twin brother who is a doctor, she was always at a losing end when compared together by their mother.

Things changed when she accepted an unusual job offer as a bodyguard, protecting a man whom she did not have a good first impression with. In the end, not only did she secure her dream job, but also scored a love she deserved.

Blessings are often disguised as a lucky chance.  If people are hesitant to take risks, they cannot reasonably demand life to give them more.

Lesson 3: Love when you are completely ready – even if you have to wait.

do bong soon

The love progression propelled the magic in this adorable love story. Park Hyung-sik‘s character, Ahn Min-hyuk, fell in love with Do Bong Soon first, knowing that she liked another man for almost all her life.

He slowly won her heart over by being there for her every day in reaching her dreams together.  True love happens when you are patient enough to wait.

Lesson 4: Failures cannot be resolved overnight.

do bong soon

When Do Bong Soon lost her strength, she was lost, adjusting to an unfamiliar routine.  Her mother, who understood her pain, coached her in doing what she regularly does.

The world will not stop when we face problems – so we must find strength back in ourselves first.

Lesson 5: Timing makes or breaks a relationship.

do bong soon

In Gook Du (portrayed by Ji Soo), rose to the occasion of providing a remarkable second male lead.  He was late in recognizing his true feelings for Do Bong Soon, whose heart swayed to the man that bravely declared her love to her.

There are things in life that will not happen again if you miss the head start.  Make sure to live in the moment by moving on from the past.

What other lessons have you learned from this delightful rom-com? Or if you have not, do take time to watch and see for yourself why it has endeared viewers immensely!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is available on Netflix!


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