7 Moments We Wish To Witness At iKON’s “2018 CONTINUE Tour” In Manila

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An iconic show with iKON is about to happen in November 2018. Are you ready for showtime, Philippine iKONICs?

The time has come for KonBats to finally make an appearance at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. After three years of waiting, Philippine iKONICs can finally rejoice as their favorite boy group, iKON, is set to land in Manila and make its debut on the Philippine concert stage next month.

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Witness B.I, Bobby, Junhoe, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo perform live in the Philippines for the first time via their 2018 CONTINUE Tour in Manila happening on November 11 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Tickets to the concert will be available via SM Tickets online and outlets beginning October 14, 12 noon.


And because we are excited to meet iKON (because, honestly, who isn’t?), we listed down seven moments we wish to see live!

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Moment #1: See “My Type” Live

iKON’s debut performance in the Philippines will not be complete without a performance of its debut song “My Type”. Released in 2015 as the boy group’s warm-up single and later released under its debut studio album Welcome Back, “My Type” is a catchy, easy-to-follow song, with sweet-tasting lyrics penned by B.I and Bobby along with KUSH.

The song is addictive from the get-go thanks to Bobby’s “Neoneun nae chwihyangjeogyeok/ Nae chwihyangjeogyeok / Malhaji anhando neukkimi wa / Meoributeo balkkeutkkaji da”. You did not read the lyrics, right? You sang them for sure, trying to imitate Bobby’s rough and deep voice. *wink

“My Type” also features a laid-back choreography that sees the members having fun on stage, acting cute, and throwing heart signs.

Moment #2: Listen to iKON’s vocals

Although more known as hip hop group for its solid rap line courtesy of B.I and Bobby, the vocal line, composed of Jinhwan, Junhoe, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo, is nothing to sleep on, as well as the boy group’s vocalists have created a perfect harmony with the rappers, offering a balance on their songs. Junhoe, for one, impressed in his appearance on King of Masked Singer, as well as, Bobby.

We are looking forward to be wowed by the vocal line especially when they perform “Perfect”, one of the tracks from New Kids: The Final and first released as part of the Japanese album New Kids: Begin.

Moment #3: Being treated to iKON’s impressive dance moves

Even before officially debuting, B.I, Bobby, Junhoe, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo have already showcased solid performances through jaw-dropping choreography. (“6 foot 7 foot”, anyone?)

Moreover, the thing about iKON is that they know how to dominate the stage, make their presence be known, express the songs well, and create an atmosphere that matches the melody. They are overflowing with swag when the song calls for it, but they can also take it slow and be cute.

The boys during the “2016 SHOWTIME Tour” in Jakarta (Photo by YG Entertainment)

Moment #4: The boys speaking in Filipino

A K-Pop concert in the Philippines will always call for a bit of shoutout to the local language. Simple words such as “Mahal ko kayo (I love you)” and “Salamat po (Thank you)” will always be heartwarming to hear from idols as the gesture shows their conscious effort to reach out to local fans.

The 2018 CONTINUE Tour, which is the first ever solo concert of iKON, will also be the first time that iKONICs will get to hear the members speak the local language live — an adorable and kilig moment that will be treasured for sure.

Moment #5: KonBats in action!

When lights go out to signal the start of the concert, SM Mall of Asia Arena will surely blaze as iKONICs wave their KonBats together and create a beautiful Konfire, warmly welcoming the boys to the Philippines.


The boys during the “2016 SHOWTIME Tour” in Singapore (Photo by YG Entertainment)

Moment #6: Be part of iKONICs’ fan projects

One of the best parts of a concert are the fans. We cannot wait to witness iKONICs cheer loud, sing, dance along, and relay their love for the boy group they waited three years to land in the country.

More so, we are excited to see what the local fan base of B.I, Bobby, Junhoe, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo has in store to make D-DAY into an unforgettable B-DAY in celebration of the boys’ debut concert in the Philippines.


The boys during the “2016 SHOWTIME Tour” in Kuala Lumpur (Photo by YG Entertainment)

Moment #7: “Love Scenario” at the SM Mall of Asia Arena

There are a lot of songs we look forward to see live, but “Love Scenario”, the mega hit 2018 song of iKON, is a song we really NEED to see live. Like its debut single “My Type”, “Love Scenario” is easy to sing along (Even kindergarten students know this song!) and has addictive melody that we tend to forget how heartbreaking the song is all about.

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This list can go on, because honestly speaking, there are a lot of moments to look forward to when it comes to iKON. Since their pre-debut and now that they have become hit makers, the boys never fall short of delivering awe-inspiring stages and blazing performance.

And for sure, the 2018 CONTINUE Tour will be memorable and definitely iconic — it IS iKON, in the first place.


The boys during the “2016 SHOWTIME Tour” in Singapore (Photo by YG Entertainment)

The iKON 2018 CONTINUE Tour in Manila is brought to fans by YG Entertainment, Live Nation, PLDT Home Wifi, and PULP Live World.

For more information regarding the concert, visit PULP Live World’s website and stay tuned on PULP Live World’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates.