Some Good Reasons To Attend Day6’s Fan Meeting in Singapore Next Month

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You probably have known – or just found out from the title! JYP Entertainment‘s rookie band Day6, composed of Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Junhyuk, Wonpil and Dowoon, is heading outside Korea to meet fans in Singapore, following a successful fan meeting in Taiwan on October. After Singapore, they will head to Bangkok for fan meeting on December 12th.

    • 2015 Day6 Fan Meeting in Singapore (Official Announcement)
      4pm, 5 December, Marina Bay Sands Convention Central Hall E
      CAT1 S$238 & CAT 2S$188 (Only 1,500 Seats Available)

Only CAT2 tickets are available for purchased via SISTIC ticketing site from 12pm onwards on November 16, while CATT1 tickets are available for pre-order. Please check out the official announcement regarding pre-order details and all the good perks.

If you are still hesitating to go or not, below is a list of reasons to attend their fan meeting in Singapore. We hope this, at least, convince you a bit?

Let’s go!

Special Stage

The boys serenaded fans in Taiwan with a sweet rendition of Taiwanese band Sodagreen‘s  Little Love Song. Day6 might also prepare a surprise for fans in Singapore. What song do you want to hear? perhaps JJ Lin‘s She Says?


With a plane ticket to Singapore, you can watch five groups in four shows

We often hear of fans flying off to another country just to watch their idols’ concert. With many more groups landing in Singapore soon, if you are non-Singaporean but really keen to go to Singapore, it will be worth it. With a plane ticket to Singapore, you have the chance to see not only Day6, but also well BtoB, GOT7, SISTAR and Monsta X, with a just a click of button to purchase the tickets.

If you are from Singapore, it’s even better.

Witness Jae’s seriousness on stage, off Twitter

You have seen Jae’s normal and funny side (weird is the new normal) on Twitter with his hilarious replies to fans’ questions and his #SuperLongAndOnPointHashtags. You have seen him on his personal Youtube channel way before he debuted in Day6. Now is the chance to see him and the other members, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, Junhyuk and Dowoon, rocking the stage with their drum, guitar, and keyboard as well as enthusiasm.

Bonus: Young K also used to make covers on Youtube with his friends Terry He and Don Lee back in Toronto, Canada.

You may get to see the members shed joyous tears due to overwhelming support

Young K, Junhyuk, Wonpil shed the tears of joy while performing their title track Congratulations in Taiwan fan meeting. Jae retweeted the tweet below; is he and the group expecting to shed some joyous tears again? To make it happen, you have to be part of the exciting crowd on that day.


Geographical proximity

Day6 fans from Malaysia, what are you waiting for? There is not any news about the group coming to Malaysia yet, so while waiting for the miracle to happen, have a taste of them first in Singapore. If you are anywhere near Singapore, do come too.

It’s Day6

A group of six boys who are passionate towards music are put together in a band, and despite the differences in each of them, they come together as one Day6. So if you are a fan of the group, and a fan of their music. Why not? If you have not heard of them yet, check out the music below.



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