Staff’s Picks: Our Favorite Girl Group Songs Of All Time

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For the month of December, we bring together a list of our all-time favorite K-Pop girl groups songs.

After a challenging November Staff’s Picks where we chose three of our most favorite songs by K-Pop boy groups, we take the challenge once again to determine the three songs by K-Pop girl groups we most love in our second offering of our monthly listicle.

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Read on and get to know us, the writers of Hellokpop, a bit more through our picks and a bit of “about us”. Also, we prepared a curated playlist at the end — compiling all our choices — to share with you our type of music.

Danica’s Picks

I’m not very much into girl groups but when people ask me which K-Pop girl groups I like, without batting an eye, I can proudly say Girls’ Generation and 2NE1. That is why, do not be surprised if my picks take you back to the era of second generation idols. Shall we begin?

“Good to You” by 2NE1

I have always been a sucker for 2NE1’s softer music and slower jams which dive away from their usual strong and confident tracks like “I Am the Best”, “Fire”, “I Don’t Care”, and “Crush”.

And “Good to You” was a perfect song for me. From its painful lyrics to the beautiful harmony of CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy, 2NE1’s “Good to You” surely deserves a spot on my top three picks. I personally loved Dara’s 착한 여잔 나쁜 남잘 좋아해 왜/ 나쁜 남잔 나쁜 여잘 좋아해 왜.

“Breathe” by Miss A

This list is making me miss these girl groups, to be honest. But things happen and I am going back to the list. Miss A’s “Breathe” is catchy and very addictive. Its choreography is also very eye-catching. It’s one of the first two songs of Miss A that I got to listen — the other one? “Bad Girl, Good Girl”.

“Kissing You” by Girls’ Generation

I have only one word to describe “Kissing You” every time I listen to it — sweet. I cannot particularly pinpoint which part of the song I like but it makes me feel good and in love all of a sudden when I listen to it. I really love the a capella version of this song.

 Get to Know Danica

Danica is currently…

  • listening to “Our Dawn is Hotter than Day” by SEVENTEEN and “You were Beautiful” by Day6
  • watching Accidentally In Love, a Chinese drama starring Guo Jun Chen and Sun Yi Ning because a break from K-Dramas is also essential at times
  • reading “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White because your girl needs to go back to the basics
  • loving the thrill of the UP Mens Basketball Team getting to the finals of UAAP Season 81! #UPFight

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Danah Elyssa’s Picks

“Time for the Moon Night” by GFriend

It’s hard to pick a single song from the impressive discography of this dynamic girl group. The girls’ vocals are to die for, their choreography is breathtaking and they even sound better live.

I chose this song because it sounds pretty and fragile yet powerful at the same time. I can’t help but dance along when it comes on shuffle. Yuju’s high notes are always flawless and Eunha’s stunning vocals wrapped up the song brilliantly.

“Automatic” by Red Velvet

Some people may know Red Velvet for “Rookie”, “Red Flavor” or, more recently, “Power Up”. The girl group released these bubbly title tracks but this track from its first EP Ice Cream Cake proved that Seulgi, Wendy, Yeri, Joy, and Irene are no joke.

Perhaps it served as a premonition for the girl power anthem, “Bad Boy” but nevertheless, this slow, R&B, neo-soul song had me crooning for their vocals. It just comes automatic.

“Black Dress” by CLC

Catchy tunes? Check. Dynamic choreography? Check. Stunning visuals? Check.

I seriously don’t get how CLC is still underrated. It is a group made up of really amazing and talented girls and this track is enough proof. It’s not impossible to get the song stuck in your head for a long time. CLC deserves more following. You can go listen to “Hobgoblin” and “High Heels” too if you’re feeling the CLC vibe. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Get to know Danah Elyssa

Danah Elyssa is currently…

  • listening MONSTA X’s cover of Drake’s “Fake Love” and Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor”
  • watching  Just One Bite, a web drama from Love Playlist
  • reading Korean folklore in her spare time
  • loving K-Pop crack videos, binge-watching content on V Live, and covering K-Pop songs.

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Yann’s Picks

“Playing With Fire” by BLACKPINK

We’ve heard of “Whistle”, “BOOMBAYAH”, “As If It’s Your Last”, and “DDU-DU DDU-DU” — now make way for “Playing With Fire”!

This song’s catchy beat and showcase of the BLACKPINK members’ talents, especially vocals-wise, never fail to make me feel as if “my heart is on fire”. BLACKPINK’s music is the type you’d want to listen to when you feel down and need some boost of empowerment — very fitting to the group’s promise of being “the revolution”.

“Up & Down” by EXID

How could one ever leave out such an iconic song like EXID’s “Up & Down” in this list? Its energetic yet sultry beat has made a song that never leaves your head once you hear it — talk about LSS! “Up & Down” definitely does not need anyone to do convincing in order to get others to enjoy it. The song already speaks for itself!


Pardon my bias, but TWICE’s “LIKEY” is one of my picks partly due to the fact that I can actually dance to it! The moment you hear “TWICE!” at the start of the track already assures you that you’re in for perhaps one of the cutest songs you’d ever hear.

Get to Know Yann

Yann is currently…

  • listening to Wanna One’s latest release which has been making her cry lately but her BTS playlist is there to cheer her up nonetheless
  • taking a break from watching K-Dramas after 100 Days My Prince put her in an emotional roller-coaster
  • reading collections of Kim Namjoon’s iconic speeches — most especially the one from the United Nations General Assembly — in order to feel inspired, especially during this finals season in her university

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Abby’s Pick’s

“Red Flavor” by Red Velvet

The lively beats and addictive chorus has made me pick this song as one of my phone alarm tones. It lightens up my mood when I want to declutter

“Me Gustas Tus” by GFriend

GFriend’s live performance blew me away with how much vocal power they have. Among their songs, I particularly like “Me Gustas Tus” because it kind of transport me back to those wistful High School memories of secret crushes and romances. And before I get even more cute here, I’ll stop. *wink
This refreshing track is a sweet addition for a road trip playlist.

Get to Know abbyinhallyuland

abbyinhallyuland is currently…

  • listening to 2018 K-Drama OSTs after spending two weeks of IU’s discography to sleep.
  • watching almost all currently airing K-Dramas, but I have been rewarding myself with some doses of Yang Yang’s therapeutic handsome face from Love 020.
  • reading Haruki Murakami’s Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman because my limited time can only accommodate quick reads
  • loving the thought that Jung Il Woo will soon be back in K-dramaland

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Emylyn’s Picks

“I Am The Best” by 2NE1

This classic hit serves as a mantra for those needing a confidence boost. The fierce lyrics combined with electronic hip hop beat surely lift that dwindling confidence and mood. Sing or just utter naega jeil jal naga a few times if you are feeling down, it actually works.

“Gee” by Girls’ Generation

A typical bubblegum pop song but there is something about it that will make you want to dance the moment the first note hit. Probably because it talks about us girls and our feelings when we are in love. This song is cheerful and definitely worth dancing to (ask Kim Heechul of Super Junior, he has the dance perfected to a T).


This is another song that tells women to embrace and express themselves. The lyrics may be too strong if you look at it thoroughly, but hey it’s the 21st Century and there’s nothing wrong if a woman initiates anything. “LATATA” certainly deviates from the demure and cutesy songs K-pop girl groups are known today.

Get to Know Emylyn

Emylyn is currently…

  • listening to Mino’s XX.
  • watching Neftlix’s DOGS
  • reading Celeste Ng’s “Everything I Never Told”
  • loving her new rescue cat named Moon

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Listen to all* our picks in our specially curated playlist here.

  • Miss A’s “Breathe” is not available on Spotify.