6 Ways To Spice Up Your Summer!

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How are you enjoying the summer season so far? With all the artists making comebacks during this season, are you enjoying all the summer-themed music videos? Which one is your favorite?

Aside from that, are you actually spending your time outside with friends and family? Or do you plan to stay in for three months trying to avoid the sun? Whichever you choose, there are so many activities you can do during this season! This article is a list made up of suggestions for summer fun and a few added K-Pop videos to inspire and motivate you to have some fun!


Source: XIA Junsu – Incredible

1. What is summer without the beach?

This may sound unconvincing to people who don’t like being exposed to sunlight (I am one of them), but your friends might all be out having fun playing volleyball on the beach, building sand castles or just lying in hammocks, and having a sip of Piña Colada. Don’t miss out on any of the fun!

With no skyscrapers, you can watch the sun rise over the horizon of the ocean. At night, you can do some stargazing too!

2. Water: sports and games

If you are at the beach, of course you have to participate in some water sports as well! There are so many to choose from: you will definitely find one to your liking. Water polo, wakeboarding, surfing and more! Even the girls from SNSD have fun jet skiing!

3. Indoor sport activities

If you really, really insist on staying in for the summer, indoor sports are another good choice for you. You don’t get exposed to the sunlight, but you can still have fun! There are indoor sports like badminton, squash, basketball and many more. Put on your attire, invite your friends and family members, and you all are good to go! You can also cheer for your team the same way SISTAR did!

4. Festivals

Summer is when all kind of festivals happen; mud festivals, music festivals, water festivals and a lot of others! Let loose, free yourself from the hectic daily routine, dress in your favorite summer outfit and rock the party!

5. A short getaway with your closest friends

Trips with friends never get old, but trips with a few of your closest friends are even better! You do not need to go somewhere far, even the small meadow near your school could be a great place for a picnic. Get into the car and begin your adventurous road trip!

6. Go on a summer vacation by yourself

This may be the hardest of all, but you have to try going on a vacation by yourself. It sounds scary, I know, but it is something you have to experience once in life. Do not afraid to be alone, you will definitely get to meet new friends from other countries along the journey! You learn to be more independent, get to meet new friends and learn something new from them! And should you have any need for local limo service, party buses and charter buses, Limo Find is your best bet!

If the above suggestions are not suitable for you, no worries…. maybe the last option is: stay in and watch all the summer themed K-Pop music videos!

Editing by MaliVai Tjong Ayong

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