The Reign Of Kpop Dancing Queens

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Singing and dancing is a must for Kpop artists. You can see videos of Kpop idols back when they were still auditioning and training, and how they have come a long way. Most Kpop stars undergo rigid training for several years before they can debut. These girls however, prove that they can go natural when it comes to the dance floor. They stand out from their packs with their dancing prowess and fans can totally see the energies they put into dancing.

Dancing is a form of expression and these “Dancing Queens” have their own dance moves or areas of expertise. They have also always been an inspiration to many aspiring Kpop idols. They love to dance as much as they love to sing.

Here are some of Kpop’s best “Dancing Queens”:


Kahi – After School  (Former Leader)

Though she has graduated from After School, Kahi is still one of the best female dancers in Kpop. Kahi used to be a back-up dancer for a lot of big names in the Kpop industry before she auditioned for After School. She’s an extraordinary dancer, no wonder she got a spot in After School.


Minzy – 2NE1

The maknae dance machine who does not care what you think when she dances. She’s much known to the newer Kpop generation as a dancer, though she also has great vocals. She’s exceptionally good in freestyle and hip-hop.



If there’s an all-around package for singer and dancer, it has to be BoA. She is one of the biggest names in the Kpop industry even before the Kpop invasion. Her singing voice is unique and beautiful but when she dances, your eyes will be glued to her. Her moves are snappy, clean and incredible. She’s been performing for 13 years and it seems like nothing can stop her.


Victoria – f(x)

The leader and main dancer of f(x), Victoria was scouted during a dance competition in Beijing, China where she won second price. She studied traditional Chinese dance but it seems other dances are easy for her to learn and follow.


Hyoyeon – SNSD

All the girls of SNSD can definitely dance but when it comes to one on one stage dance performance, Hyoyeon outshines all of them. She can easily be at par with anyone when it comes to dancing. While training for SNSD, she was even put in the boys’ dance class since she is more comfortable there.


Jia – Miss A

The lead dancer of the group Miss A is an overall performer. She has good vocals and at the same time can bust a move. She has amazing flexibility that will really impress you.


Min – Miss A

Min and Hyoyeon (SNSD) went way back and have created names for themselves in Little Winners. Min trained in the US for years before she debuted with JYPE. She honed her dancing skills there and it’s suitable for her to be called a dancing “prodigy” since she can certainly dance like there’s no tomorrow.

These girls are unstoppable once they start moving. They all have strong charisma that demands attention once they are on the dance floor. Who do you think will dominate the dance floors? Who is your favorite female Kpop dancer?



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