The Ultimate K-pop Playlist: Household Chores Party!

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Who hates household chores? Or rather – who doesn’t? I certainly do, but there is no way to evade it. Whether you have to do it because your parents told you to, or because you lead your own household, these things just have to be done. But fear not, K-pop is actually the best kind of genre to pull you through the chores, and believe me, whether it is window cleaning, washing dishes or hoovering the carpet, these songs will turn boring housework into a fun-filled party! Get your brooms ladies & gentlemen, and groove on!

Daesung dance

Psy – Gangnam Style

Yes, yes, this is a perfect song to start cleaning the window or washing the dishes, the rhythm is perfect for fast hand movements and you can blast the neighbourhood off, too!

T-ara – Roly Poly in Copacabana

My favourite carpet hoovering song. Put those earphones in and hoover on while screaming the lyrics in high pitch. Incredibly good stress reliever, and the room will be clean, too!

Kara – Step

Dusting has never been more fun than with the groovy melodies of this song. Be careful: you might knock some of your mother’s beloved knick-knacks down, because this song will make every single one of your body cells move!

Bigbang – Tell Me Goodbye

No, no, I am not mistaken! This is the song you want to wash some dishes with. It’s good to break the party song line-up with slower songs, and in any case, I can just get into slow dance mode by the sink and sing every misheard Japanese line aloud, to the amusement of any family member or neighbour nearby. And I gottt nottin’ nottin’ to saaaaaay….

FTISLAND – Hello Hello

The rhythm of this song always makes me want to dance, and everything is so much more fun while dancing, right? I often listen to this song while hanging up clothes to dry or while ironing. Imitating Honggi’s funny singing faces in the meantime makes it even more fun!

Super Junior – Mamacita

Hey, Mamacita, it is time for some cooking! Grab your ingredients and make some fun Mexican food, while you tango through the kitchen with Super Junior.

Block B – Nillili Mambo

Not in the mood for moping the floor? Switch on Block B’s song and it’s guaranteed you will even ask the handsome boy next door if you can mop his floor too. Ahem.

Do you have favourite songs you like doing housework to? Or maybe you haven’t tried yet? Give it a chance and let us know if k-pop helped you with your everyday chores!

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