Top 10 moments from BEAST’s Oven Radio

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BEAST recently returned with their 6th mini-album, Good Luck! Catch the top 10 moments from all 5 episodes of BEAST’s Oven Radio, a 1theK original series!

10. Hyunseung’s victory!



9. Yoseob’s irresistible smiley face.



8. Do you want to hear Yoseob’s honey voice?

vocal warmup


7. Gikwang’s seductive commercial.



6. Eating the last burger on Earth.



5. Dongwoon and Doojoon’s evil plan.



4. Will your “weight” be alright?



3. Even the tiger wants a copy of BEAST’s Good Luck album.



2. It’s your own song but why can’t you sing it?

your song


1. Dad, BEAST is prank calling me!


Watch the whole series below, with English subtitles!

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


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