Top 3 Korean Shows To Help You Master English

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Korean shows can be a motivational factor for you to learn English.

For non-native English speakers, you might be trying hard everyday to master the global language English, aren’t you? However, English lessons sometimes make you fed up and tired with a series of difficult structures and long vocabulary list. If you are in this situation, English-language Korean shows could be a good choice for you, Korean fan.

1. After School Club

After School Club (ASC) is a popular Korean talk show, hosted by three elegant MCs, including K-pop star Eric Nam, U-KISS’ Kevin Woo and singer Park Jimin. With the aim of connecting with international fans, the language MCs use is mostly English. ASC’s first episode hit the screen on April 17, 2013 on Arirang TV. It has since been gathering a large number of guests, including popular singers and famous groups. With a dynamic style and witty MCs, ASC will help you not only improve English but also relieve stress.

Check out the latest ASC episode of 22 March:

2. Showbiz Korea: Showbiz Today

Showbiz Today is a daily entertainment news show that delivers updates on the hottest and latest issues in the Korean Entertainment industry. Each piece of news is just over one minute long. Therefore, it will be comfortable for you to follow and catch up with all the information.

3. Showbiz Korea:  Q&A

Q&A is another segment of Showbiz Korea. It is hosted by the second runner-up of the 2011 Miss Korea competition Crystal Kim, and cosmopolitan Adrien Lee, whose father is Korean and mother is French. The show replies fans’ questions about Korean artists. Each episode focuses on answering one request from a fan with English subtitles, as you can see below. Thus, you do not need to worry about missing words or any information when watching the show.


Are you watching any of these Korean shows?

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