Top 5 Korean Dramas To Watch This May

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All of these Korean dramas are worth watching!

1. Another Miss Oh

Another Miss Oh

Another Miss Oh focuses on the complicated relationship between a man named Park Do Kyung (played by Eric), who has the ability to predict the future,  and two women with the same name of Oh Hae Young (played by Seo Hyun Jin, Jeon Hye Bin). Funny situations in the drama promise to bring audiences a lot of exciting moments.


Oh Hae YoungThe drama is aired every Monday and Tuesday on cable channel tvN from May 2.

2. Beast’s Beauty

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Beast’s Beauty is a romantic comedy revolving around two sisters and two men. While the older sister owns everything, the younger sister just has a warm heart.

Instead of playing a villain, like in The Girl Who Sees Smells and Remember – War of the Son, in this drama actor Nam Gung Min transforms into an attractive man, who lives in a rooftop apartment, and little by little, develops good chemistry with the younger sister named Gong Shim (played by Girl’s Day’s Min Ah).


Notably, this is the first time Nam plays the main role during his 18-year acting career. The TV series hits the screen on May 14.

3. Dear My Friends


Dear My Friends is special in that it does not focus on a romantic love story among young people like many other Korean dramas do. Most of its characters are elderly. The TV series is a lovely story about the enjoyable lives and admirable friendship of old people. The  first episode went on air on May 13 on cable channel tvN.

09-1462697065072It has a new theme and experienced cast members, who keep foothold in fans’ hearts, including Kim Young Ok, Kim Hye Ja, Nam Moon Hee, Joo Hyun. Dear My Friends is expected to become an interesting spiritual meal for audiences this May.

Meanwhile, some celebrities, namely Lee Kwang Soo, Daniel Henney and Jo In Sung will also join the drama in cameo roles.

4. Mirror of the Witch

Mirror of the Witch, inspired by the book Dongui Bogam, will take the audiences back to the Joseon Dynasty.


Seo Ri’s mother Queen Shim (played by Jang Hee Jin) was unable to give birth. Therefore, she met a mage named Hong Joo (played by Yum Sung Ah), who had the ability to help her conceive a child. Thanks to Hong Joo’s black magic, Queen Sim was able to have twins, a boy and a girl. However, the girl, Seo Ri (played by Kim Sae Ron), was put under a curse and was abandoned deep in the mountains. She meets a man named Heo Jun (played by Yoon Shi Yoon).  Can Heo Jun help get rid of the curse? What difficulties and challenges the two have to undergo? Every question will be answered during the drama’s 16 episodes. It has kicked off on May 13.


Meanwhile, the drama also marks actor Yoon Shi Yoon’s screen comeback after completing his mandatory military service this January.

5. Lucky Romance

In the drama, Hwang Jung Eum takes the role of a female officer named Shim Bo Nui, who is very superstitious. According to a fortune teller, Shim will die if she cannot sleep with a virgin man, who was born in the year of the Tiger (1986).


With a view to change her fate, Shim starts finding such a man. Accidentally, she meets Je Soo Ho (played by Ryu Joon Yeol), who is tight-fisted and a bit old-fashioned. He can meet all her requirements.


What will happen next? What things Shim can do to convince Je to help her change the bad luck? The drama is set to broadcast on May 25 on MBC.

Let’s wait and see!

Which Korean dramas will you choose to watch?


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