‘Train To Busan’ Strikes Asia With Hilarious Parodies

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If you have not watched this blockbuster yet, you are missing out something.

The zombie apocalypse thriller film starring Gong Yoo, Jung Yu MiMa Dong Seok, Choi Woo Sik, and Ahn Sohee, is still currently airing in cinemas around the world, including Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Australia, UK, U.S.A, and others.

‘Train To Busan’ is so well-received that it becomes the first Korean film of 2016 to break the 10-million mark of movie goers, according to official report in August, and still growing. Due to its overwhelming popularity, parodies of the movie have also surfaced on the internet, including a well-made parody video.

1. Train To Bishan

‘Train To Bishan’ made its debut by someone, who either accidentally typed wrongly or on purpose, as Bishan instead of Busan. Why Bishan? Because it is one of the MRT train stations in Singapore. It also has its own ‘official’ poster, similar to the original one. Stay on board if you do not want to stay alive.

2. Train To Kuala Lumpur


Coincidence or not? Malaysia’s newly launched (June 2016) LRT service happened to suffer a two-day breakdown during the peak morning hours. The people were requested to get down the LRT and walked on the rail track to the next station. Friends taking ‘Train To KL’, it may take up to four hours of journey to reach your final destination.

3. Train Too ‘Bosan’

The ‘Train Too Bosan’ pretty much sums up how one feels taking a train in Malaysia. Bosan, which means boring in Malay language, describe the true feeling of a train ride. Phone battery running out with no powerbank – seems to be scarier than zombies. Watch the video below:

4. If idols were in Train To Busan

Damn, we will be like Young Gook who never left Jin Hee even at the last moment. Because that is true love.

5. Running out of Train

credit: PULPOLitika

credit: PULPOLitika

Ubusan means ‘running out of’ in Tagalog, so Train Ubusan literally means ‘Running out of Train’. It must be really terrifying to wait for the train to arrive and then squeeze inside the packed compartment. Is that scary – equivalent to the zombie apocalypse?


6. Pikachu?


Sohee said she saw a Pikachu at the back, but the bad guy said nobody can catch the pikachu except him. He pointed at everyone else, said they all tried to catch Pikachu but it’s his. Sohee asked the train staff to convince the bad guy that Pikachu was hers because she was the one who saw it.

7. Train To Prison


No one takes it more serious than the Running Man team. The mission of the episode 316 is based on the theme ‘Train To Prison’. The Running members were forced to board the ‘Train to Prison’, where they needed to complete mission in order to escape the train heading to the destination. The GOT7 members and SISTAR’s Hyorin were basically the ‘zombies’, who were trying to block them from winning the mission in order to escape. We wouldn’t want to win, actually.

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