Do You Know Who VAV Is? Discover And Fall Into The Irresistible Charms Of These Seven Boys!

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2017 is the year to stan VAV!

And Hellokpop is here to guide you in your journey to becoming a Vampz. Read on and find out more about the seven boys, who will surely wreck your bias list.


(Photo by A.Team Entertainment)

Did You Know #1: All members use a stage name

Debuted in October 2015 under A Team Entertainment, Korean boy group VAV (Very Awesome Voice) is composed of ACE, BaRon, Jacob, St.Van, AYNO, Ziu and Lou. All the members use stage names instead of their real names in their promotion as VAV.

St.Van’s real name is Lee Geum Hyuk and Lou’s is Kim Ho Sung. BaRon was born as Choi Chung Hyeob, while Jacob’s real name is Zhang Peng.

Members ACE, AYNO and Ziu share the same given name as their seniors in the K-Pop industry. AYNO’s real name is No Yun Ho, who shares the same first name as TVXQ’s leader Jung Yun Ho. Ziu was born as Park Hee Jun, same as H.O.T’s leader Moon Hee Jun. ACE has the same first name and surname as a 2PM member. ACE’s real name is Jang Woo Young.

Did You Know #2: 22 is the group’s average age

The boy group has an average age of 22 years old, with St.Van and Ziu taking the role of eldest and maknae respectively. St.Van was born in 1991, while Ziu was born in 1997. Members ACE and BaRon composed the 92-line. Jacob, AYNO and Lou are all 96-liners.


Did You Know #3: VAV are mostly blood type A

Majority of the members of VAV are blood type A, namely BaRon, Jacob, St.Van and Lou. According to Blood Type Personality Theory which originated in Japan, people with blood type A are kind individuals, who put others’ needs and interests before their own. They are also good listeners. However, people with this blood type are said to bottle their own emotions, and despite appearing calm on the outside, they suffer inner turmoil and anxiety.

People with blood type B like Ziu and AYNO are passionate, outgoing and naturally friendly. They are intuitive and trust themselves. However, people of this blood type are usually seen as self-centered and prideful. On the one hand, people with blood type AB are known for being rational and strong. They do not worry about little things. Among the VAV members, only ACE has this blood type.

Did You Know #4: Well-known songwriter and producer Ryan S. Jhun produced three albums of VAV

Songwriter and producer Ryan S. Jhun, who is known to have worked with Super Junior, U-KISS, TVXQ, SHINee, EXO, 15&, Girls’ Generation, I.O.I, Girl’s Day, among others, composed and arranged three albums of VAV namely Here I Am, VENUS and its latest album Flower (You).

Here I Am album contains track of the same title, and was released as a Christmas special album. The song is a special present to the group’s fans. “Here I Am” is a song expressing one’s feeling while waiting for a loved one during winter.

The septet’s first digital single album VENUS contains the track “Dance With Me”, a disco-themed song with major melody of funky beat and addictive hook. It also uses syncopation as the foundation with American funky element from the ’70s and ’80s.

In order to communicate with the public and Vampz better, VAV made a surprise comeback with Flower (You) immediately after the conclusion of VENUS promotion. “Flower (You)” is a medium tempo dance song with reggae rhythm and catchy melody.

Prior to the three albums produced by Ryan S. Jhun, VAV has released three albums such as its debut mini album Under the Moonlight, second mini album BROTHERHOOD and its second part No Doubt.

Did You Know #5: VAV’s debut showcase attracted 10,000 people

On October 31, 2015, VAV held its debut showcase at Sinchon U-Plex outdoor. The group collaborated with cable channel ETN, which broadcasted it live throughout South Korea and China. The showcase, which attracted over 10,000 people, was also broadcasted via Naver’s V App.

Did You Know #6: VAV starred in its own reality show “VAV Project”

The boy group kicked off 2016 with a new reality show under MBC Music entitled VAV Project, which began airing on January 29, 2016. It has a total of six episodes. The show showcased the group’s charms as well as a glimpse of their daily life.

Aside from VAV Project, the septet commemorated their latest comeback with VAV’s Apartment, which is a parody of the famous variety show 2D1N.

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Readers can also catch them at V Live broadcast, where they show their teamwork, discover their talents and interact with fans. They have also actively promoted on music shows and other entertainment programs.

Did You Know #7: You can reach them online

If seeing the boys on TV is not enough, VAV has got you covered. They have extended their presence online, from Facebook to Twitter until Weibo, VAV has it all.

Readers can follow them on Twitter and Instagram at vav_official, on Weibo at vavofficialpage and check out their Facebook and fan cafe at VAVofficial. You can also watch their videos on Youtube through their agency’s channel AQentertainment. Aside from these channels, VAV has its website which readers can visit here.

Seven trivia facts have now been laid out for you to start out your journey to being a Vampz.

Good luck, K-Pop fans and we will gladly take the blame if you fall hard for these seven boys of VAV.

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