Why WINNER will not be a copy of BIGBANG

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YG Entertainment is preparing to debut their first boy group since BIGBANG, and they already want to make it clear that WINNER will not be a copy of their senior.

Yang Hyun Suk and WINNER told the media at their launch party why they will be different to BIGBANG.

1. WINNER will choose their own songs

Yang Hyun Suk said: “Rather than a famous stylist, the boys themselves choose songs that best suit them.  The person knows best his own pants and t-shirt size,”

“BIGBANG was able to become such a big group not because they’re handsome or good at dancing but because they made their own colour very well and had great competitiveness.

I plan on giving the future debuting rookies the same time I gave BIGBANG.”

WINNER posing with their new album.

WINNER posing with their new album.

2. They will sing more emotional songs

Yang Hyun Suk said: “”Rather than a hip-hop group, I wanted to make a slightly more emotional and lyrical group like WINNER,”

“Their debut song is a hip-hop song, but I deem it a more lyrical song that the public would like. I say this as a joke, but the better traits WINNER has over Big Bang are their youth and their good height.”

3. WINNER will focus on making ‘honest and unique’ music rather than doing things differently

WINNER leader Kang Seung Yoon said: “Rather than saying there’s one thing that’s a whole lot better than our seniors, I’d like to say that BIGBANG is a group that has hip-hop as their foundation, but they also tried all genres and a variety of styles,”

“It’s hard to find something we can hastily say is different [from them].

“More than anything, in order to do music that suits our name as WINNER, we think we will be able to become WINNER if we show our honest and unique music rather than particularly thinking about trying to do things differently from BIGBANG music.”

WINNER will release their debut album digitally on August 12, followed a physical release on the 14th.

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