“2 Days 1 Night” Seals New Cast Members For Its 4th Season

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No more missing 2 Days 1 Night!

KBS2 TV’s signature variety show is all set to make its return. For its fourth season, pioneering member Kim Jong Min will be joined by comedian Moon Se Yoon. Adding distinct flavors to the cast are actors Yeon Jung Hoon and Kim Sun Ho. Hyping up the lineup even more are rapper DinDin and multi-talented performer and VIXX member Ravi.

1 Night 2 Days

As one of South Korea’s well-loved entertainment show, 2 Days 1 Night has gained the reputation of being a “national entertainment” show since its first broadcast in 2007. Garnering followers across varying ages, the show has been a staple weekend routine for over 10 years.

Running on its fourth season with only Kim Jong Min remaining from its initial member roster, the revival of fun-filled nights are expected to ensue again for its loyal following. The ambiguity of how the six members will blend while sharing travel stories and challenging the iconic games and surprises popularized by the show is something to anticipate for when it officially returns.

Comedian Line

Expected to carry the anchor as the only original member since day 1, fans can look forward to how Kim Jong Min will create synergy with the new members. Fellow comedian Moon Se Yoon naturally takes the bulk of the food adventure which is one of 1 Night 2 Days‘ trademark elements.

Actor Line

Notably, versatile actor Yeon Jung Woon, who rarely participates in entertainment show, draws interest with his confirmed participation. As an actor who can switch from hero and villain roles, his candid side will be revealed. His most recent dramas include Man to Man and Possessed.

Interestingly, Kim Sun Ho has shown impressive comedic timing when he starred in lauded jTBC comedy drama Welcome to Waikiki. Thus, the handsome actor’s venture to a real and impromptu comedy show piques interest. Kim has spent his early years as an actor doing theater works before making his television drama debut in Good Manager. In a span of two years, he has played main roles in popular dramas such as Two Cops, 100 Days My Prince and the currently airing drama, Catch the Ghost.

Maknae Line

Appealing to younger generation, music performers DinDin and VIXX’s Ravi will mark the maknae line of 1 Night 2 Days. DinDin’s multi-faceted skills shown in various broadcast matches Ravi’s compelling artistry.

How they will be stripped to their casual selves hikes up excitement. Not to mention the interaction with the senior celebrities they will work with together.

Promising an upgraded season, the production team of 2 Days 1 Night confidently aspires to continue the legendary achievements of the program. With a fresh member roster, they aspire to keep the magic loved by the audience since the show started.

2 Days 1 Night will resume broadcast in December.

Source: Sports Chosun

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