100% finishes promotion, releases ‘Only U’ MV

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After wrapping up promotions for Want U Back100% has released a music video for its song Only U.

100%’s Minwoo tweeted, “Want U Back promotions ended~ even though its a pity, but will be better the next time.. thank you so much to everyone for making another beautiful memories. Love you! I love you~♥” displaying his appreciation for the support given during 100%’s promotions.

Their Only U music video features various onstage performances and countless behind the scene moments during their Want U Back journey. The members seem to get up to a lot of funny antics to keep themselves cheery and energized.

Fans are seen getting up close and personal during 100% fan events, from shaking hands to hugging members and even taking group selcas with 100%!

Check out 100%’s Only U below:

[vsw id=”GWdQT7Mal_w” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Sources: (News) 100PERCENTBOYZ via Minwoo’s official Twitter, (Video) 100% official Youtube, (Picture) 100% official Facebook

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