10cm To Release New Remake Album

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Singer-songwriter 10cm returns with a new album composed of restyled tracks.

His agency, Magic Strawberry Sound affirmed 10cm is due to drop his first remake album, Remake 1.0. scheduled to be released on February 5, It features four tracks.

Notably, the singer-songwriter participated in the creative process and showed extraordinary affection.

Previously, on the 30th, 10cm released a teaser event in the form of a quiz with spoilers about the remake project through his SNS. Nearly 900 fans participated in the event through social media comments. T

Currently, the 10cm has not revealed which artists and songs will be picked up for the remake album.

The agency said, “There were artists who wanted to be with this remake album Remake 1.0 right from the initial stage of conception. Now that 10cm is receiving more love than ever from fans, curiosity is high as to which songs he will work on.

Last year, 10CM released the single “Gradiation” and the collaboration single “Just 10 Centimetres” with Big Naughty. The tracks entered the top 10 and top 8 on music charts, respectively, demonstrating the music power of 10cm.

In addition, the cumulative number of guerrilla busking audiences exceeded 30,000, and the cumulative number of audiences exceeded 15,000 through two solo concerts in 2022.

Meanwhile, the new EP Remake 1.0, in which the original songs of various artists are interpreted with 10CM’s unique sensibility, can be enjoyed through various sound source sites from 6:00 pm on February 5th.

Source: xportsnews

Photo = Magic Strawberry Sound