15 Oppas Returning From Military Service This 2019

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After almost two years, these fifteen oppas we dearly missed are finally heading back from their military service this 2019!

People come and people go, indeed. While 2018 saw us shedding tears while waving goodbye to idols and actors like BTOB’s Eunkwang, Do Ji Han, Sung Joon, Yoon Doo Joon, and Kim Min Seok as they enlist into their mandatory military service, 2019 brings us back some of the idols and actors we’ve been missing for the past two years!

These fifteen Korean idols and actors are scheduled to be discharged from their mandatory military service within the year and as the saying goes – absence makes the heart grow fonder! Check out which of your favourites are coming back really, really, really soon:

Joo Won – February

Joo Won will be back to make our hearts full again on the month of love as he finishes his mandatory military service a day after Valentines’! The Yong Pal and Good Doctor star bade us goodbye with My Sassy Girl, the historical remake of the 2001 hit film with the same name, before he enlisted in 2017.

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Im Siwan – April

Siwan of ZE:A left us in July 2017 to serve in the military as an assistant instructor for new recruits. The idol-actor who tugged at our heartstrings in drama Misaeng and shocked us with his “good-guy-no-more” roles in the movies One Line and The Merciless is set to return this summer 2019.

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Lee Min Ho – April

The Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs heartthrob we all loved last left us with The Legend of the Blue Sea as Joon Jae. He began his military service in May 2017 as a public service officer and received his military training in 2018, finally being set for discharge in April this year.

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Ji Chang Wook – April

Get ready to smile again because Wookie’s almost back! The actor who stole our hearts in Healer, The K2, and Suspicious Partner will also be making our summers brighter with his expected return before April ends.

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Kang Ha Neul – May

Ha Neul teamed up with Park Seo Joon in the movie Midnight Runners, where he played a nerdy student from the Korean National Police University, before heading to the military. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s eighth prince began his service in September 2017. In addition, he met with Ji Chang Wook and Kim Sung Kyu on stage as co-stars in the military musical Shinheung Military Academy last year.

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – May

Kyuhyun is the last member of Super Junior to enter the military after enlisting on May 2017. Even if he’s absent from the group’s current activities, his fellow Super Junior members still keep him in mind – evident from how he gets mentioned in the group’s show SJ Returns and how Ryeowook sent a message to him immediately after he himself got released from the military in 2018.

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Taecyeon – June

Taecyeon left us on September 2017 to quietly enlist in the military and although the 2PM member wasn’t out fighting ghosts during his stay in the military, he had been a part of many activities that don’t stray far from his works as an idol and actor. Some of these include participating in various 2018 Winter Olympics events as one of the volunteers under the command of South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense, hosting several cultural shows and concerts, and performing as a member of 2PM at the Olympic Headliner Show.

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Kim Soo Hyun – July

The actor we loved from Moon Embracing the Sun, The Producers, and My Love From the Star started his temporary departure from K-dramaland after he enlisted on October 2017. After serving out as an active duty soldier, Soo Hyun will be returning in July this year.

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Lee Soo Hyuk – July

Known for his characters in the espionage drama Local Hero and rom-coms Lucky Romance and Sweet Stranger and Me, Soo Hyuk entered military on August 2017. The model-actor is scheduled to return on July this year after completing his service as a public service officer.

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Lee Joon – July

Former South Korean boy group MBLAQ member Lee Joon is also set to return in July from the military. The singer-actor began his mandatory military service in October 2017, going from an active duty soldier to a public service officer.

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BIGBANG’s TOP, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Taeyang – June, October, November

Four BIGBANG members are already set for discharge this year – finally! TOP will go first in June, followed by G-Dragon in October, and lastly, a double-discharge for Daesung and Taeyang in November this year. We wonder how Seungri feels right now?

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Jung Yong Hwa – November

CNBLUE’s leader will be returning from his military service this November. The singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor started his service in March 2018 and volunteered to be a part of the 702nd Special Assault Regiment in Second Corps.

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Which Korean idols and actors’ comebacks from military service this 2019 are you looking forward to? Let us know by leaving a comment below, giving us a holler on Facebook, or tweeting us at @hellokpop!