BC Pens All Tracks Of 1TEAM’s Debut Mini Album “Hello!”

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The wait is almost over for fans of 1TEAM!

Live Works Company’s new boy group 1TEAM continues to charm fans ahead of its debut with the completion of the boy group’s concept photos and revelation of additional details regarding its first mini album Hello!.

After treating everyone with their group concept photos, Rubin, BC, Jin Woo, Je Hyun, and Jung Hoon went on to showcase their visuals individually through their solo concept photos released one-by-one from March 14 to March 18.

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The boys also unveiled the album cover of their debut album which shows the boys’ hands together, symbolizing their unity as one team. On March 19, the upcoming boy group revealed the track list of Hello! And details about each track.

Member BC, who recognized for his songwriting and composing skills, will pen all three tracks of the mini album scheduled to be out on March 27 at 6 p.m. KST.

“Vibe”, a song written by BC, YORKIE, and THAMA, and composed and arranged by Devine Channel, will front Hello!. BC once again collaborated with YORKIE for the lyrics of “Countdown”.

For the second track, Devine Channel teamed up with Nick Holiday to compose and arrange it. “’Bout U” completes the tracks in the mini album. Aside from writing the lyrics, BC also composed the third track which was arranged by Devine Channel.

Pre-order for Hello! started on March 20. It will then be available online starting March 27 at 6 p.m. KST. It will also be available offline on March 28. However, according to Live Works Company, the mini album can be purchased in some offline stores as early as March 27.

Hello! will feature one 80-page photo book, one CD, a lyric booklet, two of 10 random selfie photo card, one of two six-sheet post card, two sheets of stickers, and one poster.