2018 MAMA Set To Bring Dream Stages And Ensure Fairness In Voting On Its 10th Anniversary

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The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is going big this year as it celebrates its tenth anniversary!

CJ E&M has announced the big things they have prepared for the 2018 MAMA in celebration of its tenth year in the industry!

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During the press conference on November 26 for the upcoming three-day awards show, the company has revealed that in addition to their preparations for the several special stages from various artists, they are pulling all stops to ensure that there would be fairness and reliability on this year’s voting process. “We are making every effort to conduct an elaborate examination this year based on the records released from October 18, 2017 to October 31, 2018,” CJ E&M’s Music and Convention Bureau director Kim Hyun-soo said.

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He also mentioned that the categories in K-Pop are judged by a combination of a panel of judges, voting, and sales figures from the music industry association, critics, journalists, and producers. On the other hand, the Asian section was judged by the local chart partners like Oricon in Japan and Tencent Music in China through the charts of the region.

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Kim Hyun Soo also noted that MAMA is doing their best to prevent online voting manipulation. “There was an attempt to launch an attack every year. We are cleaning up the server and responding in real time. We are searching for real attacks and attacks by robots,” he stated. “This year, the fairest examination had been held, so we are fully prepared for this,” he added.

2018 MAMA

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MAMA has kept on evolving for the past ten years from its first attempts to establish its position in the industry and build an image as the leader for Korean music award shows.

First introduced as the Mnet Video Music Awards in 1999, the awards show was transformed into MAMA by 2009 thanks to the introduction of cable TV and rapid growth of the domestic music video market. It managed to retain its status as a representative awards ceremony and its ambition to become a place of harmony and exchange of Asian music market beyond Korea.

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With this ambition, Macau was selected in the following year as the awards show venue and became the first global stage to host the Korean awards show. After that, Hong Kong and Singapore also followed suit and hosted the MAMA shows. Last year, the event was held simultaneously in three countries – Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong – for the very first time.

Director Kim Hyun-soo said, “We will leap to the title of the best music awards ceremony in Asia with the influence that K-Pop and Asian music brings all together”. They had also expressed “a desire to make Asian music the ‘mainstream’ around the world by recalling the formula of MAMA, the highest music awards ceremony in Asia”.

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This 2018, the MAMA awards ceremonies will be held in three countries – Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. The company had revealed that in addition to the many stellar K-Pop stars attending the event, international pop star Janet Jackson and Japanese actor Matsushige Yutaka will make their appearances as well.

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