2NE1 cancels M! Countdown comeback performance

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2NE1 have recently cancelled their upcoming comeback stage that was due to take place on Mnet‘s M! Countdown due to the passing of Minzy‘s great-aunt.

Gong Ok Jin is a respected and honored solo folk dancer and traditional singer who is recognized for her personally choreographed dances; the ‘dance of the handicap’ and ‘animal imitation dance’.

In regards to the funeral service, a YG Entertainment representative announced, “Minzy wants to attend the send off ceremony on Thursday to commemorate her great-aunt. Thanks to Mnet’s considerate regard, we have decided to cancel the show for this week.”

In place of the comeback stage, 2NE1 will host a star chat without the attendance of Minzy through me2day on Wednesday.

Family and friends are paying their respects and sending their condolence by attending Gong Ok Jin’s wake in Youngkwang in Jeonnam district. Gong’s funeral will be held in Busan on the 11th of July.

Sources: 10asiae, ygladies

Photo: ygladies

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