2NE1 to hold an official live event on Facebook

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With their recent release of their latest track, I Love You, and their New Evolution 2012 Global Tour in full swing, YG Entertainment‘s enigmatic super star girl group 2NE1 have continued to win fans over worldwide.

Blackjacks everywhere are singing the praises of the group’s latest release- to the tune of over ten million views on YouTube in just a months time- and tickets sales for the tour have become one of the hottest ticket items this year.

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Today, 2NE1 announced via their official Facebook page, that the group would be participating in the 2NE1 Facebook Live Q&A.  This exclusive event, which will be taking place on August 22, will be the first of its kind in the Kpop world. 2NE1 will travel to Facebook’s corporate offices in Menlo Park California and spend fourty-five minutes answering questions from fans worldwide.  To participate, you simply need to log in to the Facebook Live server here. The event will begin at 5pm PDT. Check out 2NE1’s official event announcement here.

Source: Photo: Kpopstarz; Video: 2NE1

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