2PM ranks 1st for ‘Star That I Want To Go On Vacation Together’

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2PM came 1st place on the ranking of ‘Star That I Want To Go On Vacation Together’.

SBS E! K-Star News‘ ranking corner’s ‘Let’s Live Kindly’ reveals the 10 rankings of ‘Star That I Want To Go On Vacation Together’ during the hot summer. This survey was targeted to the citizens, and the hottest 2PM emerged as number one.

Last week ranking number 1 for ‘Hot Body’ Clara also made her choice, and she has also chosen 2PM as the artist that she wants to go on vacation with. She said the six members have excellent bodies and that is the most important factor.

Miss A‘s Suzy is at the second place after 2PM.

Which artist do you want to go on summer vacation with?

Source: News & Photo: tvreport

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