2PM’s Taecyeon Calls Out Person Harassing His Group And Asks For Fans’ Help On Twitter

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2PM’s Taecyeon has had enough.

2PM’s Taecyeon took to Twitter on the night of July 3 KST to express his frustration towards someone harassing him and his groupmates.

Photo from Cosmopolitan

The 2PM member and actor exposed a currently unknown person bullying him and his groupmates through messages sent online via email or messenger which contained threatening content and swearing.

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He posted a series of screenshots divulging the person’s messages like “I know your phone number and address”, and one message addressed to him even contained the person asking why the idol-actor has blocked the user when they were informing him about a danger, followed by several signs for laughter and swearing.

Another message also talked about sendin member Junho to the hospital and contained angry emojis.

Due to the messages’ threatening nature, Taecyeon posted the senders’, assumed by the idol to be just one person, email address and asked for fans’ help.

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[email protected] [email protected] probably same person doing this sick and twisted stuff to not just me, but all of my members. If you have any information regarding this person(s) let me know. I am not going to let this crazy maniac bully us. 2pm needs your help Hottests!” he wrote in hopes of stopping the person from possibly hurting his groupmates.

Previously in 2014, the 2PM member had also publicly called out two individuals who had been making inappropriate comments on his Twitter. The comments, which were best described to be sexual harassment in nature, had upset the idol-actor and pushed him to take legal action.