2PM’s Nichkhun has license suspended for driving under the influence

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2PM‘s Nichkhun was recently alleged of driving under the influence in Gangnam-gu on July 24 at 3:30AM (KST), after being involved an accident with a motorcyclist. Nichkhun accidentally backed his car into a motorcyclist and tested at a blood alcohol concentration of 0.056%, which surpasses South Korea’s legal limit by 0.006%.

A spokesperson from Gangnam’s police station revealed to Dispatch:

“Measuring his alcohol level at the scene of the accident, [Nichkhun] was not in a severely intoxicated state. After, Nichkhun and the victim were investigated by the police. Neither Nichkhun nor the victim was injured in this minor accident. Both vehicles were insured. After his inspection, he took measures to return home safely.”

As a result of the violation, Nichkhun will face the penalty of having his license suspended for 100 days.

Sources: News – koreaboo; Photo – followkhun

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