“365: Repeat The Year” Unveils Special Video Clips Featuring Lee Joon Hyuk & Nam Ji Hyun

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Even after its conclusion, MBC drama, 365: Repeat The Year is still a hot topic among drama lovers.

With its gripping storyline, 365: Repeat The Year had an overwhelming effect on the viewers. The drama aired its last episode on April 28, but fans are still not over it.

365: Repeat The Year

A fresh story setting, 365: Repeat The Year is about a group of people who chose to reset their lives and travel to a timeline of one year in the past. However, a series of unfortunate events occur and the resetters start dying mysteriously one after another. Thus, begins an intense survival game where they must win against fate itself.

The drama engages from the very beginning with a well-established combination of well-made genres, a solid script that maintains the tension and detailed portrayal of the characters. Highly praised for its unpredictability and fast-track development, 365: Repeat The Year exhibited its unique color to the genre.

365: Repeat The Year

As a result, viewers continue to pour hot reactions even though the drama ended. While some are still hoping for a season 2. In order to express gratitude towards fans for their relentless support, the production team of 365: Repeat The Year dropped two special videos.

The first is a music video containing the story of Lee Joon Hyuk and Nam Ji Hyun using the OST of 365: Repeat The Year. The video has different feels from the drama 365: Repeat The Year, but it is more meaningful because it is a special video created specifically by the production team, to cater to the reactions of viewers who strongly wanted the romance between the main leads in the drama.

The second is a special scene from the drama which was released on May 5. It is a scene that was not shown in the television broadcast, so it seems to be a more special gift for viewers who have loved and supported the drama, 365: Repeat The Year.

This unreleased video provides an answer involving Nam Ji Hyun’s dog, Maru. Though he did not go through the reset, Maru recognized Lee Joon Hyuk in another timeline where they met for the first time.

365 Repeat The Year

In the video, Nam Ji Hyun tells Lee Joon Hyuk about ‘Akashic Records’, the concept that everything that happened in space-time is recorded somewhere.

The reason why Nam Ji Hyun, who faced Lee Joon Hyuk again after a reset at the ending of 365: Repeat The Year, asked him for a webtoon consultation is also related to the concept of ‘Akashic Records’.

Therefore, even though the drama is over, it hints at the special relationship that will continue between these two people who have transcended the time and space, but are left deeper lingering feelings.

Source: iMBC News

Images & Videos Credit: MBC

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