‘A Taxi Driver’ Continues Winning Streak at 38th Blue Dragon Awards

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The 38th Blue Dragon Awards recently ended hailing A Taxi Driver as the Best Picture.

38th Blue Dragon Awards


The 38th Blue Dragon Awards spread the accolades for its 2017 edition with popular actors Kim Hye Su and Lee Sun Kyun hosting the ceremony.

Interestingly, A Taxi Driver notched the Best Picture award but the directing honor went to Kim Hyun Suk for the film I Can Speak. It narrates the story of an elderly woman notoriously famous in the local office for filing complaints about wrongdoings that she notices in the community. She forms a heartwarming friendship with a civil service officer played by Lee Je Hoon.

38th Blue Dragon Awards

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Veteran Actors Song Kang Ho and Na Mun Hee took the acting honors for their respective movies. EXO’s Do was hailed as best new actor  for his movie with Jo Jung SeokHyung.

38th Blue Dragon Awards

One of the highlights of the film celebration was when Cha Tae Hyun (The Best Hit) paid respect to the departed actors of 2017 which includes his good friend Kim Joo Hyuk. On a lighter note, popular actor Jo In Sung accepted Do’s award on his behalf, citing he made a drunk promise for the junior actor who came in late because of EXO’s concert.

38th Blue Dragon Awards

Here are the winners of 38th Blue Dragon Awards:

Best Film: “A Taxi Driver” – Jang Hoon
Nominees: The Fortress, The King, The Merciless, Anarchist from Colony

Best Director: Kim Hyun Seok – “I Can Speak”
Nominees: Byun Sung Hyun (The Merciless), Lee Joon Ik (Anarchist from Colony), Jang Hoon (A Taxi Driver), Hwang Dong Hyuk (The Fortress)

Best Leading Actor: Song Kang Ho
Nominees: Kim Yun Seok, Sul Kyung Gyo, Lee Byung Hun, Jo In Sung

Best Leading Actress: Na Mun Hee
Nominees: Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Ok Bin, Moon So Ri, Yum Jung Ah

Best Supporting Actor: Jin Seon Kyu (Crime City)

Best Supporting Actress: Kim So Jin (The King)

Best New Actor: Do Kyung Soo (Hyung)

Best New Actress: Choi Hui Seo

Best Screenplay: The Fortress

Best New Director: Lee Hyun Ju – “Our Love Story”

Best Editing: Sin Min Kyung – “The King”

Best Cinematography/Lighting: Jo Hyung Rae and Park Jung Woo – “The Merciless”

Best Music: Jo Yeong Wook – A Taxi Driver

Best Art Direction: Lee Hoo Kyoung – Battleship Island

Best Stunt: Kwon Kwi Deok – The Villainess

Viewers’ Choice for Most Popular Film: A Taxi Driver

Popular Star Award: Kim Su An, Na Moon Hee, Jo In Sung, Sul Kyung Gyu

Congratulations to the Winners of 38th Blue Dragon Awards!

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