4Minute To Disband After 7 Years?

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There’s still hope – 4Minute’s official disbandment is yet to be confirmed by the time of writing.

According to industry sources, 4Minute is to disband after seven years of glory once the girls’ exclusive contracts end on June 15.

It is also reported that Hyuna is renewing her contract with the group’s agency, Cube Entertainment. For the other members, some are negotiating contract renewals, while those who are not seeking to recontract with the company will seek out new agencies.

An industry insider revealed that each member had conflicting ideas of their paths in singing and acting, and after months of discussion, the girls decided that it was difficult to keep the group together because of this.

Back in February 2016, during the release of the group’s seventh mini album, ‘Act.7’, it was mentioned that the success of the album will have an impact on whether the girls decide to renew with their agency, or not.

However, Cube has yet to release an official statement confirming the group’s disbandment despite the news reports.

4Minute – consisting of Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun, debuted in 2009 with Hot Issue.

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