5 Digital Marketing Strategies Used To Promote Korean Dramas

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When it comes to effectively executing a digital marketing strategy, a marketer instinctively needs to understand the market he or she is targeting. This is because everyone around the world has a different culture. For instance, SEO Auckland is specifically catered to the New Zealand market, while South Korea’s digital landscape is particularly different. Not to mention that advertising on social media can generate huge returns.

For Korean dramas, the industry itself is highly competitive, and so this is why one must be able to understand how to come up with effective digital marketing strategies. We have done your research for you and here are the five best digital marketing strategies you can utilize.

Social Media Ads Are Your Best Friend

The typical workday of Korean people ends at 8 pm. Between this time and midnight, they use social media and YouTube the most. This is their relaxing time and also the highest engagement time.

According to research data, Koreans spend 1 hour on average in this time frame on social media. This is why you should promote Korean dramas on social media during this time for the most effective results.

Opt For Paid Ad Services On Naver

Koreans barely use Google. They have their own search engine known as Naver. This is why you should spend on paid advertisements on Naver. This doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t exist there, it does.

However, only a small chunk of the population uses it right now. So, if you want results, then Naver is the place to target your paid ads!

Use A Press Release Distribution Service

Many digital marketers overlook the benefits of hiring the best press release distribution service although it is important. It is one of the best digital marketing strategies you can employ. Press releases get the word out about what you do on different media outlets.

This is why if you want to promote Korean dramas then get the word out through a press release distribution service. They are cost-effective and an integral component of any digital marketing strategy.

Utilize Social Media And YouTube Influencers

Koreans rely on such influencers for everything they consume from products, services, to dramas. They listen to them and this is why this is the most important part of your digital marketing strategy.

You need to find the right influencers and employ them to promote your Korean dramas. It is all about finding an influencer that targets your niche so do thorough research.

Utilize Video Content

Almost every Korean owns a smartphone and they love using their smartphones for watching videos. This is why you should use video content to promote your dramas.

It will engage your target audience and keep them interested. Make sure that whatever platform you use to post your content is mobile-friendly as Koreans use their smartphones the most and are extremely tech-savvy.

Final Words

Always understand the market before creating effective strategies. All of these will go a long way in promoting Korean dramas. However, our top pick is using press release distribution services.

They are the most important part of any effective digital marketing strategy and should always be used with other strategies for the best results!