88rising Drops A Special DAY6 Studio Live Performance Video

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DAY6 spins magic as they perform their iconic songs in a studio live.

DAY6 always shines when they perform and with their live studio clips, the experience is like ascending to heaven. On May 19, 88rising gave a sweet surprise as they posted a new video featuring DAY6.

In the video, DAY6 performed their timeless hit with melancholic feels, “You Were Beautiful”. Then, they staged their highly energetic concert anthem, “Time Of Our Life”. DAY6’s angelic voices, the distinct sound of their instruments, and the lingering emotions that they portrayed were the highlight of this video.

Listening to this super-talented band’s performances is always exciting and refreshing. Even if they are performing their old songs, DAY6 always brings something new to the table by either alternating their music arrangements or by adding ad-libs.

Short Interview on memories and dreams

Following the performances, DAY6 also gave a short interview. Regarding a favourite memory as a member of DAY6, Jae said that it was when they performed together for the very first time and My Days sang back the lyrics.

Young K added that it is a powerful feeling that only bands can feel on stage and that they just know when they feel that moment by looking at each other.


The group then proceeded to talk about their dreams. Wonpil said that his dream is to perform at an outdoor concert that has a festival-like theme and vibes.

As for Dowoon, he wants to be a great drummer while Young K wants to be a great dad. Finally, Sungjin and Jae both agree that they aspire to do music healthily and happily for a very long time.

Meanwhile, DAY6 recently made a comeback with the album The Book Of Us: The Demon and its title track “Zombie”. Making this their most successful release so far, “Zombie” charted No.1 in multiple music charts. Additionally, The Book Of Us: The Demon also topped the Worldwide iTunes Album chart.

Source: 88rising

Image Credit: 88rising Screen Capture

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