A.C.E Tops British Magazine “DAZED”‘s List Of Best K-Pop Songs For 2020

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A.C.E tops DAZED magazine’s list for the best K-pop tracks of 2020, displaying their global reach!

K-pop boy group A.C.E ranked first place with their track “GOBLIN (FAVORITE BOYS)” on DAZED magazine’s list of best K-pop songs of the year. The British publication appreciated the group’s anthem-like chorus, as well as the blend between rock and Korean tradition.


Moreover, the magazine identified the song’s powerful lyricism as they rap, “Don’t compare, whatever they do / We do it better.” Though the track was a harsh contrast to the ’70s and ’80s inspired music currently dominating K-Pop, it is reflective of the present music trends captivating listeners. As such, the song is self-confident, demanding attention as it stands out amongst others.

A.C.E was listed amongst other industry legends such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, NCT 127, SuperM, TXT, and SEVENTEEN.

Furthermore, A.C.E also ranked 22nd in the U.S-based Paper Magazine‘s list for best 2020 K-pop tracks. The publication noted the attractive combination of rock, hip-hop, and synth, which created one of the most powerful songs this year. The magazine also noted that since their debut three years ago, A.C.E steadily releases dynamic albums, gaining immense global support.

Worldwide Demand

Indeed, the band’s worldwide fanbase is large, evident with their past American tour. Beginning in Chicago last December, A.C.E kicked off the “A.C.E. CONCERT UNDERCOVER: AREA US.” During this leg of the tour, A.C.E performed in 10 regions in America which included Atlanta, Minneapolis, New Jersey, Miami, Puerto Rico, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Despite COVID-19 this year, the group continues to meet fans through various digital events and concerts, communicating with fans all across the world.

“GOBLIN (FAVORITE BOYS)” released this September, expressing both A.C.E’s signature sound as well as their Korean style. The track once again charmed the group’s worldwide fanbase, impressing with their intense performance and skillful singing and rapping. The track continues to top domestic and foreign charts even after its original release.

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to a busy 2021 as the group plans various global activities and collaborations for the upcoming year.

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