A-JAX confirms fanclub to be ‘A-LIGHT’

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A name has now been chosen for the official fanclub of A-JAX. Following the members’ opinions and the votes of fans, A-LIGHT has been selected as the official fanclub name.

From July 13 to July 16, an online poll was conducted where fans could participate to decide on the name for the fanclub. There were three options for the fanclub name: A 4 U, A-LIGHT and JAXTINY. While the results were very close, especially between A-LIGHT and JAXTINY, A-LIGHT won with a difference of two votes.

Currently, the A-JAX boys are promoting their latest track HOT GAME and are set to debut in Japan with the continuing support of their newly named A-LIGHTs.


source: koreaboo

image source: A-JAX’s facebook 

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