A Pink’s message for Korean Thanksgiving, ‘Chuseok’

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In celebration of Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving day, Cube Entertainment has unveiled a photo of the A Pink members in hanbok. Despite their busy schedules, the members were able to send their individual greetings to fans. They encouraged them to spend the holiday with their loved ones and wished them well.

Check out the translations of their messages below!

Chorong: “Hope you are able to get away from busy daily lives and spend a plentiful Thanksgiving with loved ones. There’s a full moon out, so I want to make a wish. That A Pink and our families would be healthy and even happier.”

Bomi: “It’s already Thanksgiving. I want to spend the holidays with our fans in the future too. I want our family and members to all be healthy as well. And our lovely fans must keep healthy as well. Hwaiting for all of us!”

Eunji: “I hope that everyone spends happy times with families and always live happy days like this Thanksgiving. I hope that you keep healthy for the remainder of 2012, achieve everything you wish to, and that good things will happen for A Pink. That A-cube, Cube, our family, and Pinksoonis will all be healthy and not ill. That everyone will love.”

Naeun: “It’s Thanksgiving. Everyone, have a holidays as plentiful as the full moon. I hope you eat lots of tasty food with families and make joyful memories. Dear moon, I wish that everyone, including our families and members, will be happy and healthy. And that A Pink will continue to grow and be together forever.”

Yookyung: “Dear everyone, I hope you will eat lots of tasty food and have a joyful and happy Thanksgiving this year. We A Pink members will make your Thanksgiving joyful through many entertainment shows. Please look forward to it and love A Pink in the future!”

Namju: “Spend this Thanksgiving joyfully, be happy always, and live every day happily. I love our pandas. I hope our families and A Pink will always be healthy and happy. Hwaiting always!”

Hayoung: “I hope you spend Thanksgiving harmoniously and happily with families. Have a joyful Thanksgiving, and I hope you will not fall ill and be healthy and happy. I wish that our members will be healthy and happy. I also ask for even more love for A Pink in the future!”

Happy Chuseok everyone!

Source: News and Images – Nate; Translation – [email protected]

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