Actor Lee Taesung is legally married; will be having delayed wedding ceremony

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Actor Lee Taesung, who has been noticed since his appearance with Rooftop Prince, has announced that he will be getting married and has been drawing attention. On November 23, via his personal Twitter, he shared the status, “Were you surprised? I think it is time now. I’m sorry I am telling everyone now. I am getting married. I hope you will support and congratulate us, we will live well. I will repay everyone with a good appearance. Thank you.”

Lee Taesung’s agency mentioned, “Lee Taesung already registered of marriage as his son was born last April, they have already been a couple through law. The wife is 7 years older and is a normal citizen. They say they met 3  years ago during their study abroad.”

The actor explained of his delayed wedding, “I was told of the pregnancy when we were planning the marriage, we postponed the marriage for my wife’s health. And while that was going on my grandmother was hospitalized and passed away due to old age. Also my grandfather also passed away this year, so they told me it’s not good to have a wedding during the year when someone passed away so we had to postpone the ceremony. I was very sorry to my wife because I was only able to register our marriage without the wedding, so I tried my best to become the best husband and father I could be. Now I want to live happily with my lovely wife and son.

Those who came across this news said, “Lee Taesung, congratulations on the wedding”, “Hope you live a long, long life of happiness”, “Lee Taesung, hope you will have a beautiful family”.

Source: news and photo-Busan News

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