Actor Yeon JunSeok casted for the upcoming drama ‘Good Luck Mr.Kim’

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New, yet powerful actor, Yeon JunSuk, has been getting noticed for his extraordinary acting skills. He has been cast for a new everyday drama series called Cheer Up Mr. Kim playing a character called Ri CheolRyong, a North Korean escapee.

The drama will broadcast starting November 5 on KBS1TV. His character, Ri CheolRyong, is a 19 year old boy who escapes from North Korea because he lost his family who was being dragged to a concentration camp due to his older brother escaping first from North Korea. His personality is very diligent and strong, to have mastered English and Chinese while he was in the concentration camp.

When the character enters South Korea, he searches everywhere for his brother. In the midst of searching for his brother, he meets Kim Tae-pyoung, who is played be Kim Dongwan (Shinhwa). Kim’s character is an unmarried young man who is raising three 10-year old children, Lee becomes a member of this family.

On October 14, people were able to observe Yeon JunSeok’s acting with actress Kim YongRim on KBS Drama Special‘s Around the Corner. With the upcoming piece, he will show the acting of a child prodigy without dissatisfaction. To be able to speak with the North Korean dialect naturally, even before filming started for the drama, Yeon has been focusing on practicing to perfect the character of Ri CheolRyong.

Actor Yeon’s agency, J.One Plus Entertainment said, “Ri CheolRyong’s character is young but has a very strong personality. It will be a new challenge. He is practicing passionately to show the viewers of everyday dramas a comfortable color through his acting. Please look forward to it.”

Through the movie Goodbye Boy, dramas Shining InheritanceHappy Endingand Around the Corner, actor Yeon JunSuk was able to show acting that made viewers rethink how old he really was. For the new piece he is working on, we are looking forward to what kind of acting he will put forth.

Source: News and Photo – Direct correspondence, President of J.One Plus Entertainment

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