aespa’s Karina & BLACKPINK’s Jennie Face Off As Leading Girl Group Members In July Brand Rankings

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The Korean Business Research Institute has recently published this month’s brand reputation rankings among girl group members!

Showing their impressive popularity, aespa’s Karina and BLACKPINK’s Jennie faced close competition as the top two leading female idols this July.

The rankings are based on various factors including consumer participation, media, communication, and community indices analyzed by the organization. Particularly, it extracted a huge number of data among 540 girl group members from June 18 to July 18.

#1 aespa’s Karina

Maintaining her glorious No.1 ranking is the beautiful and charming leader of aespa, Karina. She topped the list once again after scoring a brand reputation index of 3,648,118.

Some of the high-ranking phrases in Karina’s keyword analysis are “cat-like,” “concert,” and “Next Level.” Moreover, words like “alluring,” “bewitching,” and “powerful” are included as her high-ranking related terms.

#2 BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Following closely is Jennie, the charismatic all-rounder member of BLACKPINK. She ranked second with a brand reputation index of 3,613,982.

Moreover, Brave Girls’ Yujeong, Red Velvet’s Joy, and Brave Girls’ Yuna completed the top-five list as they placed third to fifth, respectively.

Here are the other girl group members who entered the Top 30 this July:

#6 aespa’s Ningning

#7 MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

#8 aespa’s Winter

#9 Brave Girls’ Minyoung

#10 BLACKPINK’s Rosé

#11 Oh My Girl’s Arin

#12 aespa’s Giselle

#13 BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

#14 LOONA’s Chuu

#15 (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon

#16 TWICE’s Jeongyeon

#17 TWICE’s Jihyo

#18 MAMAMOO’s Solar

#19 LABOUM’s Solbin

#20 (G)I-DLE’s Soojin

#21 BLACKPINK’s Lisa

#22 Oh My Girl’s YooA

#23 Brave Girls’ Eunji

#24 Red Velvet’s Yeri

#25 TWICE’s Mina

#26 MAMAMOO’s Wheein

#27 Oh My Girl’s Hyojung

#28 TWICE’s Chaeyoung

#29 Apink’s Son Na Eun

#30 Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Source: Star Daily News

Photo Credits: SM Entertainment | YG Entertainment