Aespa Looks Fierce And Stunning In Teasers For “Savage” Comeback

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Setting the online world on fire once again, Aespa finally drops the highly-anticipated previews for their upcoming “Savage” comeback!

Powerful rookie girl group Aespa proves that they are more than ready to conquer the music scene again by releasing a series of mystifying teasers for their comeback with “Savage.”

Aespa Savage

SM Entertainment first announced the group’s return on September 13 through a mysterious yet thrilling 7-second clip. Uploaded via Aespa’s official social media accounts, the video displays the title of the girl group’s new song called “Savage.”

Written in a loud and complicated font, the title gives off an illusion of a widespread wings. On the backdrop, spectators can also see a frozen and deserted area while the black mamba roams around showing only parts of its skin.

Further heightening MYs’ excitement, the agency also unveiled a special preview of Aespa’s album, specifically the P.O.S case version one. The 25-second video symbolizes the members’ meeting with their respective avatars (“ae”) in their worldview. Fans who will purchase the said product are able to get a chance to experience the wilderness or “KWANGYA” through the SMTOWN AR application.


Scheduled to return after four months, Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning also caught everyone’s hearts and attention with the first set of their individual photos released starting on September 22.

Aespa Savage

Bearing the title “Hallucination Quest,” the teasers show the girls’ versatility and top-tier projecting skills. Looking at their appearances in photos will make you question how such a group can perfectly manage to look good even while doing highly unconventional poses.

Donning unique and futuristic clothing pieces, the girls demonstrated their growth by portraying a chicer and more mature image. All of their visuals are on their peaks, while their respective looks make them more sophisticated and influential as ever.

Although their outfits have different colors just like how their personalities differ in real life, they all seem to complement each other in a stunning and riveting way.

While looking directly to the camera with their direct yet mesmerizing gazes on, Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning have proved once again that they can effortlessly pull off any style and concept.

Their hairstyles and strong makeup looks go well perfectly with the dauntless vibe they are trying to exhibit. To add, the sneak peeks serve as proof that no one can stop Aespa from dominating the K-Pop world again.


Capping off the release of the first set of teasers, SM Entertainment unveiled the first group photo for the comeback on September 24. Taken in a low angle, which somehow gave emphasis to the members’ stunning figures, the photo also displayed the girls’ unmatched chemistry. Fans can continue to look out for more teasers and details regarding Aespa’s new offering in the next few days.

The girl group will release their first mini album Savage on October 5 at 6 PM KST.

Source: Aespa’s Twitter Account

Photos from SM Entertainment