Aespa Selected As New Models For Outdoor Brand Eider

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Aespa is taking its influence to the next level by scoring a grand and meaningful deal with outdoor brand Eider!

Right after taking over the music scene with their hit single, rising girl group Aespa has recently been named as the newest face of South Korean outdoor brand Eider.

Proving their massive popularity, the stunning group recently signed with casual outdoor brand Eider as its newest exclusive advertising model. This marks Aespa’s first collaboration with the fashion brand, making fans and spectators even more excited. 

Aespa Eider 

As Eider’s new ambassadors, Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning will appear in various promotional materials, CFs and advertisements.

Given their trendsetter titles, the girls will also take part in strengthening the brand’s relationship with millennials. Among their duties is introducing fashionable outdoor styles to the younger generation. 

An official from Eider stated that they chose Aespa as their newest endorser since the girls’ unique personalities and charms perfectly blend well with the direction and style they want to go for this season. 

He added, “Aespa, which has a unique atmosphere and distinct personality, will express outdoor looks suitable for the MZ generation who want their own style, and will add new vitality to consumers and brands. We are preparing a variety of styles that you have not seen before, so please pay a lot of attention.”


In the first set of photos released by the brand, all of the members flaunted their amazing visuals while donning comfortable and cozy clothing pieces.

The styling was very simple and straightforward yet the girls managed to make many heads turn with their beauty and poise.

Proving why they fit the role the most, Aespa also demonstrated cool poses that showcase what the brand’s products are all about. Their facial expressions alone say that they are enjoying Eider’s advocacy and mission.

Fans should continue to look out for more updates and photos regarding Aespa’s newest venture. Eider will surely upload them to their official social media accounts soon.

Source: Star Today

Photos from Eider

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