Akdong Musician Cruises Through The Season’s Soundwaves With New Full Album Tracklist

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YG Entertainment’s celebrity siblings, Akdong Musician, comes back for a jam-packed mood album.

Akdong Musician comes back with a punch on September 25. Their most awaited album serves as a special treat for their fans everywhere. This is their latest activity after almost 2 years due to Chanhyuk’s mandatory military service. On September 6, they posted their mood teaser which sets the ambiance of their album. Suhyun’s captivating voice is paired with an acoustic guitar and the relaxing waves of the sea. They aimed to enchant the listener to get them ready for the full album.

Moreover, the siblings invited the public to “Begin Sailing” with the release of their concept teaser on September 16. The video is laced with a light melody perfect for a trip to the ocean. Seeing the siblings together brings back nostalgic memories of their last release which seems like such a long time ago.

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Monumental tracklist

It’s not new to know that these two vagabonds are experts in creating hit songs. For this full album, they have 10 tracks in total. Titles are mostly in Korean so look out for announcements about the English titles. The fifth track is called “FREEDOM”. Additionally, Suhyun participated on the tenth track as an arranger. Check out the tracks below.

Most recently, they released the full album title poster. This announced the title track, “How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love”. The title track paints the aura of the album with a melancholic melody.

Akdong Musician scheduled their online release on September 25 and the offline release on September 26. This is their first come back since September 2017 with “Dinosaur”. In addition, Chanhyuk will also release a novel. It carries the same color and vibe of their full album. Pre-order details are available on YG Entertainment’s official social media handles.

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