AOA Black releases ‘MOYA’ MV teaser

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sub-unit, AOA Black, is set to comeback with their 3rd single album MOYA on 26th July. For now, FNC Entertainment has released the music video’s teaser to keep fans anticipated for the girls’ comeback.

The teaser video started with comedian Jung Sung Ho parodying Lee Hong Ki performing FT Island’s I Wish. It is reported that Lee Hong Ki sent the accessories and outfit used during his ‘I Wish’ promotion to support AOA Black.


 The members of AOA Black expressed their anger after finding out their other half or crush flirting and dancing with other girls. Overall the teaser is fun and it keeps the fans in suspense on how the full music video will turn out.

Check out the teaser video here:

 [vsw id=”U2OXt-xnqF8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Picture & News – Sports Donga News ; Featured Image & Video – AceOfAngels8 Youtube Channel 

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