Why Apink Members Call Jung Eun Ji As “Jung Kardashian” After American Celebrity Kim Kardashian

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Will you call Apink’s Jung Eun Ji as “Jung Kardashian” too?

The members of the pop group Apink revealed on air that they have nicknamed Jung Eun Ji as “Jung Kardashian”. The back story behind this nickname was revealed by the group.

According to Chorong, she asked Jung to turn around one day when the latter wore leggings. That was when Chorong gasped and said “Wow, dirty” at Jung’s butt.


The remark was based on the fact that Jung has big hips just like Kim Kardashian, explained Chorong while bursting into laughter with everybody around. Jung is referred to as Jung Kardashian in the group for all official and unofficial purposes.

Apink will release its new album Pink UP tomorrow. The girls have released an insight of Pink Up on the video by sharing the concept illustrations for the upcoming music videos. The images include all band members of Apink. The concept images were posted online through its social media official fan page.

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